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Marketing Services

Calling All 'Cats

K-State is always on the lookout for photo, video and voice talent. Students who aren't camera shy and love talking up K-State should apply.
Inspire more and become the face of K-State.


What should I expect at photo and video shoots?

Our professional team works to make your modeling experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Photo and video shoots are scheduled all across campus and the Manhattan community each semester.  You and fellow students will interact get to know each other while our photo and video team capture your interaction. Every shoot is an adventure filled with new people and places.  

How will the photos and videos be used?

The photos and videos captured are used in university marketing materials. Typical uses include brochures, websites and handouts for students who are interested in joining the K-State family.

What happens after I sign up?

Be patient. You won't be needed right away but our team does schedule photo and video shoots all year long. This includes voice talent and focus groups. When you do hear from us, be responsive and let our team know your availability. 

You will also be encouraged to bring friends. What could be better than being around the people who aspire with you?

Other questions?

Email your questions to vpcm@k-state.edu with subject title Casting Call.