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Kansas Lipidomics Research Center

Submission of Samples to the KLRC

First, contact the KLRC Lab Manager, Mary Roth, at mrroth@ksu.edu about your samples and required analyses, as well as to request the required KLRC Sample Submission Form.

Please fill out the KLRC Sample Submission Form, including the dry weights for your samples acquired after the extraction process (Extraction Methods can be found in the Protocols and Methodology section of our website).  

General Shipping Directions

Samples must be extracted, and shipped as dried lipids.

When you are ready to prepare for shipping, evaporate extracted lipid solution completely, and redissolve in about 1.0 ml chloroform. 

Transfer to 2.0 ml clear glass vial with Teflon-lined screw cap (for example: Clear Glass; 2mL; Solid PTFE-lined Cap; 1/2 dr. Fisher Scientific catalog #03-391-7A Thermo Scientific No.:B7800-1). PLEASE USE this type of vial and cap for your samples.

Evaporate completely again, cap snugly (use parafilm if possible), and pack in a small box or bubble wrap for protection from breaking. 

Place a completed form with the samples for accurate identification upon arrival. Send a completed form to Mary Roth's email (mrroth@ksu.edu) for your data folder. 

Samples will not be analyzed without a completed KLRC form!

Ship the samples on dry ice, with overnight delivery to:

Mary Roth
Kansas Lipidomics Research Center
Division of Biology
510 Ackert Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-4901 USA
(785) 532-5756

More specified shipping directions, including extraction methods, can be found here: Animal Tissue, Plant Leaves, Plant Seeds


*Note: Samples from outside the USA need to have a Customs Release Letter enclosed with the shipping papers. It makes the delivery much faster.

*Note: If dry ice is not possible or too costly, samples have been received at ambient temperature from overseas and seem to be fine. 

Please contact our Lab Manager, Mary Roth, at mrroth@ksu.edu for the required KLRC Sample Submission form, to discuss analyses for your samples, or for quotes on the KLRC's services.