Conference Logistics

Morris Family Multicultural Student Center: The 2023 Kansas LGBTQ+ Leadership Conference will be held at the newest addition to our campus celebrating the many facets of our campus community. Located immediately east of the K-State Student Union, the Center offers an opportunity for people of all cultures, backgrounds and identities to explore their cultural origins, engage in meaningful cross-cultural interactions and broaden perspectives. The Center will enrich our learning environment and foster an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere that promotes student academic success, personal empowerment and contributes to the overall culture of K-State and Manhattan communities. The Center rejects racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and all other forms of discrimination. Find out more here.

Conference Parking: Free Conference Parking Passes are available. Please indicate in your registration or reach out to us at

Kansas State University Restroom Facilities: All restrooms in the Morris Family Multicultural Student Center are all-gender/user. Updated Campus Map Coming Soon!

Accessibility:Kansas State University is committed to making the Kansas LGBTQ+ Conference accessible to all. We request information about accessibility needs when you register to make appropriate arrangements. If a need arises on-site at the conference, we encourage you to stop by registration for assistance and ask for conference staff.

Kansas State University Child Feeding and Bonding Spaces: In the Student Union, the Child Care Lounge is located on the first floor across from the Welcome desk. This is a private room available for pumping, feeding, or other activities for those who desire privacy for child care. Across campus additional Child Care rooms can be found in the following locations for those who might be interested in exploring more of campus: 016 Anderson Hall, 124 Berney Welcome Center, Bill Snyder Family Stadium: Gate B, Bramlage Coliseum, 2108 College of Business, 182A Dole Hall, 2199 Engineering, 101A Hale Library, 243A Leadership Studies, 113 Leasure Hall, 1099 Regnier, 1103 Seaton Hall, 108A Trotter Hall, 108B Trotter Hall, 202 Umberger Hall, 302 Umberger Hall, and 207A Willard Hall have been established as lactation stations on the Manhattan campus. Some are stand alone rooms while others require accessing them by walking through gendered bathrooms.

Applied Fragrances in the Conference Environment: In the interest of supporting those with sensitivity to alcohols, chemicals, and scents due to health issues, we ask that attendees refrain from wearing perfumes or fragrances.

Perfumes and fragrances (including scented lotions) can negatively affect people with multiple chemical sensitive syndrome (MCS), asthma, those recovering from COVID-19, and/ or autoimmune disorders. For every 100 people in America, there are an average of 10 with asthma, 20 with an autoimmune disorder, and/or 12.5 with MCS, and we still don’t know the long term health impacts from those dealing with Long Haul COVID-19.

University Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures: Kansas State University's priority will always be to protect the health and safety of everyone at K-State and in our communities. For all University related Covid-19 data and updates please click here to access the University Covid-19 webpages.