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Department of Modern Languages

French Courses 

Check out our classes for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters! We will be offering courses in a whole range of subjects, ranging from literature, grammar, and translation! Click on the link below to learn more about our Summer Language Institute!

French Summer Courses 2022

FREN 103 (11260) – Beginning Accelerated French  MoTuWeThFr 11:30 am – 12:20 pm  Finish French 1 and 2 in one summer course! This accelerated course is appropriate for students with no background in French, those who have taken one semester of college French, and those with up to two years of high school French experience.     FREN 301 (11261) – French IV  MoWeFr 10:30 am – 11:20 am. Finish your French language requirement during the summer!  This course is appropriate for students with 3 semesters of college French, 3-4 years of high school French, and those who have completed French 300 at KSU.  


FREN 530 (11257) – Topic: "Senegal and Letters"   TuTh 11:30 am to 12:45 pm This six week course studies Senegalese author Mariama Ba's novel Une si longue lettre. The course will involve close study of the novel, its author, and its context in Senegalese and Francophone culture. Given in French. Appropriate for students who have finished French 4 or the equivalent, this course counts toward the French major or minor, either as an elective or as a required literary course.

Prerequisite French Classes

FREN101- French 1. FREN 101 A (13835) MTWU: 9.30-10.20 AM FREN 101 B (13886) MTWU: 1.30-2.20 PM. In this five credit introductory course students will learn the basic of the French Language, including grammar, simple senetences, and basic conversational French. No prior knowledge of French is needed in oder to take this course.  FREN 102- French 2 (13836). MTWU: 11.30 AM-12.20 PM. In this five credit introductory course students will learn the basic of the French Language, including grammar, simple senetences, and basic conversational French. No prior knowledge of French is needed in oder to take this course.

French 300- French III FREN 300 A (10965) MTWU: 10.30-11.20 AM FREN 300 B (10966) MTWU: 12.30 AM-1.20 PM  In this five credit intermediate course, students will continue advancing their French language skills and cultural awareness. A focus of this course will be the study of fairytales and includes the study of multimedia content.  Prerequisites: FREN102, 103 or equivalent.  FREN301 (13837)-French 4 MWF: 10.30-11.20. In this four credit intermediate course, students will continue to refine their language skills and cultural understanding. In addition to review of basic grammatical structures, this course focuses on Paris as a theme- its history, culture, and geography. Many materials studied include music, film, literature, and cultural materials. This course uses an open textbook  Perquisite: FREN 300 or equivalent


French Fall 2022 Courses

French 500- Level Courses

 French Composition & Grammar: Creative Writing in French MoWeFr 9:30AM - 10:20AM--in person with  Dr. Kathleen Antonioli  Discover French writing through creative genres including poetry, short fiction, and theater/ film.  A fun and creative way to improve your language skills and your knowledge of French literature. --In French.  Appropriate for any student who has completed French 4 or the equivalent, or for students currently enrolled in French 4 wanting additional practice in creative writing.  Counts as an elective for the French major or minor.   FREN517 (16441)-Business French MWF: 1.30-2.20 PM The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the French-speaking work environment, and it will therefore focus on aspects such as applying for a job, interviewing, discussing contracts and interacting with coworkers. Advanced grammar necessary for adequate oral and written expression in international business and diplomatic situations.

FREN 521 (10968) : Intro to French Lit, Medieval-18th Century  TuTh 1:05-2:20 pm This course offers an introduction to the literary production in French from the medieval period through the 18th century with a particular thematic focus on the ‘querelle des femmes’ (the woman question). This debate began in France in the 1400s and spread across Europe and later the world and examined the role of women in society and their rights.  We will focus on texts that participate in this debate for two reasons: (1) it represents an important historical and cultural moment that had broad impact, even today, and (2) it permits a focused comparative study along thematic lines of literary production from a broad period in French.

   Fall 2022 700-Level French Courses 


FREN 720-A (15477) Sem/French Lit/Culture: Topics in Translation MoWe 2:30PM - 3:45PM--in person Professor: Dr. Kathleen Antonioli  Introduction to techniques and methods of French-English translation.  Students will gain hands-on experience translating in a variety of different modes including medical/legal, historical, and more. --Appropriate for any student who has completed one 500-level French class or the equivalent.  Counts as a required 700-level course for the French major.  FREN721 (16442)- Francophone Literature and Culture La famille dans le monde francophone MW: 3.55-5.10 PM This course focuses on the crucial role that family plays in society, and it aims to analyze the intricate values extant in families belonging to the Francophone world. Some of the texts that we will read are Amélie Nothomb’s “Biographie de la faim”, Djaïli Amadou Amal’s “Les impatientes”, Emmanuel Roblès’ “Jeunes saisons” and Tahar ben Jelloun’s “Par le feu”.