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Department of Modern Languages

Dr. Miki Loschky

Teaching Assistant Professor of Japanese

Contact Information & Office Photo of Dr. Loschky
  • Email: mikil@ksu.edu

  • Office: Eisenhower 216A

Research & Teaching Interests 

The role of questioning in creating situation models while reading in L2; Language processing with an emphasis of how learners make use of cognitive connections to comprehend and produce utterances in their L2; cognitive benefits of bilingualism and its sociolinguistic implications (e.g., language identity); the effect of visual information on deep learning through narrative descriptions of visual arts.

  • PhD, Curriculum & Instruction, Kansas State University, 2014

  • MA, Second Language Studies, The University of Hawaii, 1989

  • BA, Cultural Anthropology, Stephens College, 1981

Recently Offered Courses

100-level Courses: Intro to Japanese ( I & II), 2019-2020; these courses are designed to develop all four language skills (e.g., listening, speaking, reading, and writing). The class activities include communications tasks to provide meaningful contexts to learn basic Japanese language structures, while also practicing everyday conversational phrases in authentic situations.


Leung, G.A., & Loschky, M. (Eds.) (2020).  When creole and Spanish collide: Language and cultural contact in the Caribbean. Leiden: Brill 

Loschky, M. O. (Under Review).  The Role of Prior Knowledge in Creating Situation Models during Second Language Reading Comprehension: How Can Teachers Engage Second Language Students in Global Processing? Reading Matrix 

Loschky, M. O. & Shimizu, T. (2015). From schema-based information to situation models: How can we bridge theories of comprehension and practice? Studies in Languages and Cultures, 35. 113-122. Fukuoka, Japan: Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Kyushu University. 

Loschky, M. O. (1994). WH-question and Sentence-completion Routines in a 4-Year-Old’s Language    Socialization, Kinjyo Gakuin University, British and American Literature Edition 35, 349-372. Nagoya, Japan: Kinjyo University