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Department of Modern Languages

Dr. Andrea Faber

Assistant Professor and Spanish Language Program Coordinator 

Contact Information and Office Photo of Dr. Andrea Faber
Research & Teaching Interests

Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Language & Cognition, Applied Linguistics,
Language Pedagogy, Technology for language teaching & learning.

  • PhD, Hispanic Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition), The University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2017
  • Graduate Certificate, Cognitive Science, The University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2017
  • MA, Hispanic Linguistics, The University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2011
  • BA, Foreign Languages & International Affairs, The University of Puget Sound, 2005

Faber, A. and Amaral, L. (In preparation). Optionality of grammatical gender in L2 Spanish. 

Merino, A. and Faber, A. (In preparation). Gearing up for Intercultural Encounters: Building Pragmatic Competence in Elementary L2 students through NNS Interactions.

Faber, A. (Under Review). El procesamiento de género con sustantivos novedosos: sintaxis,
morfología y la lengua materna / Gender processing with nonce nouns: syntax, morphology,
and the mother tongue.

Faber, A., Amaral, L., and Maia, M. (forthcoming). Pronominal feature re-assembly: L1 and
L2 pronoun resolution of Spanish epicene and common gender antecedents. Studies in
Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics.

Faber, A. and Turrero-García, M. (2020). Online Translators as a Pedagogical Tool.
FLTMAG, March issue.

Faber, A., Holgado-Lage, A., Merino, A., and Zujevic, J. (2019). Liberating Language
Learning: Developing an online platform as an alternative to traditional textbooks. FLTMAG,
July issue.

Turrero-García, M. and Faber, A. (2018), The effect of Emotional Affect in L2 Lexical
Acquisition. Revisa Nebrija de Lingüística Aplicada a la Enseñanza de Lenguas, 12(25), 96-

Faber, A. (2015). La influencia de la ‘concordancia continua’ del asturianu nel castellanu
faláu n’Asturies. Revista de filoloxía asturiana, 15, 9-31