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Department of Modern Languages

Welcome to K-State Modern Languages

Prepare to be a part of a multicultural and multilingual world

As a student in the Department of Modern Languages you will be able to combine your interest in languages, cultures, linguistics and literature with other fields of study across the university. By majoring or minoring in a world language you will gain valuable language and cultural skills, which will make you a better communicator and critical thinker. You will learn how to use these skills domestically and internationally to find a rewarding career and to make a difference in the world. Check out the other benefits here.

Week in the Life of a K-State Modern Languages Student

What goes on at K-State Modern Languages?

We have the Modern Languages Student Association, a club made for students to connect with other students studying different languages within the department. All languages are welcome to attend regular meetings, fun cultural events, or just relax (or get competitive) at our game nights!

Poster that says "Join MLSA: The K-State Modern Languages Student Association is a club for language learning students looking to make friends, attend fun events, and learn more about other languages and cultures.  Email modlang@ksu.edu for more information!

Weekly Language Opportunities

At K-State Modern Languages we like to make sure our students have plenty of time to practice their chosen language, both in and out of the classroom. To give students this time, we have weekly casual hangouts where students can chat with other students about whatever they want, as long as it's in another language! If you're studying French you might want to check out Table Française, which meets every Thursday. Or maybe you're studying German? Then you can attend Kaffeestunde, every Monday! No matter what you study, there will be opportunities for you to learn and grow in the Modern Languages Department. 

ModLang At A Glance

The Dept. of Modern Languages at Kansas State University is a vibrant, interdisciplinary space where learners and researchers join together around a common goal—to increase and enhance our awareness and understanding of world languages and cultures. We offer a BA program with concentrations in French, German, and Spanish and minors in 7 fields: Chinese, Classical Studies, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Spanish Translation. We also offer a MA program with four sub specialties: French, German, Spanish and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Our unit also supports the secondary majors in International and Area Studies and we regularly teach courses in our fields of expertise including second language acquisition, literary and cultural studies, translation, and pedagogy.  Students in our courses thrive in our inclusive, multilingual and multicultural community where they work closely with their professors to develop practical linguistic and analytical skills applicable in a range of professions, including international business, teaching, hospitality, and editorial or cultural institution work. Annually, our students share their own research at Initials, our Student Research Forum. Each class maintains a small student to faculty ratio (1:15) and we prioritize individualizing and diversifying our curriculum to help learners harness their full potential and prepare to lead in an increasingly globalized and changing workforce. From group translation of WWI and WWII archives to digital mapping and storytelling projects to professional experiences like service-learning projects and developing professional portfolios or inscribing their creative work in the campus itself to traveling the world and immersing themselves in global cultures, Modern Languages majors complete practical, hands-on experiences that distinguish them from the competition and support their individual long-term goals. Our alums have gone on to work in a range of fields, including as teachers (both abroad and in the US), translators, curators, editors, forensic linguists, and working in multinational corporations. They regularly forge their own path, capitalizing on their linguistic and cultural competencies to distinguish themselves in a global market.

K-State Summer Language Institute

The K-State Summer Language Institute is a Summer program that gives you a chance to take accelerated courses for college credit! Find out more on our Summer Language Institute page.

K-State Summer Languages Institute flyer, for Session One (May 24th - July 2nd (6 weeks)) Beginner's courses. CHINE 101 – Chinese 1 (12046), MTWTF 10:20 am – 11:30 am  Introduction to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of Mandarin Chinese and promotion of students’ functional use of the language. Open to students without any previous Chinese. FREN 103 – French 1 & 2 (12049), MTWTF 10:20 am – 11:00 am Finish French 1 and 2 in one summer course! This accelerated course is appropriate for students with no background in French, those who have taken one semester of college French, and those with up to two years of high school French experience. GRMN 102 – German II (12328), MTWTF 8:00 am – 9:15 am Finish German 1 and 2 in one summer course! This accelerated course is appropriate for students with no background in German, those who have taken one semester of college German, and those with up to two years of high school German experience. JAPAN 101 – Japanese 1 (12338), MTWTF 10:20 am – 12:00 pm  This introductory Japanese course is designed to develop all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing at the beginning level. The course includes communication tasks to provide meaningful contexts in which to learn basic Japanese language structures. SPAN 101 – Spanish I (12381), MTWTF 10:20 am – 11:50 am  Designed for students with no prior Spanish experience. Develops basic language skills and cultural awareness to function in everyday situations in Spanish-speaking communities. Conducted in Spanish with practice in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


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When scheduling your campus visit, ask the Admissions Office to visit a language course, or contact Dr. Melinda Cro (modlang@ksu.edu).