SHAPE logo red AIDS awareness ribbon with white powercat SHAPE is sexual health awareness peer educators

What is S.H.A.P.E.?

SHAPE - EDCEP 311 has UGE status. Apply today

SHAPE stands for Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators.  This is an organization in which members use their time and energy to further education and awareness of STDs, healthy relationships and sexual etiquette. With increased knowledge, we hope to keep K-State students aware and healthy.


The Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators are a valuable aspect of Lafene Health Center’s comprehensive health services provided to K-State students. Peer education is successful because students are highly effective in influencing attitudes and behaviors of their peers. It is the goal of this program for peer educators to empower fellow K-State students to make informed, healthy decisions that will enhance academic success.

New classes begin each semester and are worth three University General Education (UGE) or K-State 8 credits. In addition to becoming a peer educator, members gain leadership experience, improve public speaking skills, & inform peers about being safer. Candidates will be required to complete an application process.

S.H.A.P.E. is also a campus organization and has an open membership policy. Students may volunteer with the group.

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