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September 11, 2023

Innovative collaborative furniture collections: 2023 Exhibition on display at Seaton Hall

Submitted by Thom Jackson

The department of interior architecture and industrial design in the College of Architecture, Planning & Design presents the culmination of creative exploration in furniture design through IAID 602 — Furniture Design Studio II. Under the guidance of Instructor Richard Thompson, students from both disciplines have collaborated to craft exceptional furniture collections, on display now in the Fischer Gallery at Seaton Hall until Wednesday, Nov. 1.

Furniture Design Studio II is the second installment of a three-part series, fostering collaboration between interior architecture and industrial design students. This unique approach to education equips future designers with crossdisciplinary skills, enriching their creative palette and fostering teamwork.

Throughout the summer semester, students engaged in an immersive experience, conceptualizing and fabricating furniture pieces that mirror their chosen concepts, contexts and target users. The project not only challenged their design sensibilities but also provided valuable insights into decision-making and the dynamics of collaborative work. The advanced course introduced students to upholstery, seating design and cutting-edge technology integration in furniture design, such as augmented reality models utilizing HoloLens and Fologram.

A key highlight of this exhibition is the integration of technology to enhance the design process. By leveraging augmented reality, students harnessed innovative tools to bring their concepts to life, making the design journey more interactive and dynamic.

Thompson expressed his enthusiasm for the students' achievements.

"I first thought that the group aspect of the project was secondary to the design problem, but in the end, the bulk of what the students learned was about how to design collaboratively," Thompson said. "This was a positive takeaway, considering this is what they will be doing for the rest of their careers. The making of the pieces added complexity to their roles within the team and it was great seeing them learn to communicate, work through conflict, and lean into their individual skill sets and interests. I'm proud of what they were able to accomplish over the condensed summer course."

The exhibited pieces underscore the students' proficiency in design iteration, manifested through a diverse range of design tools such as sketches, mock-ups, physical prototypes and digital renderings. This iterative approach highlights their commitment to refining designs and validating assumptions, resulting in truly innovative furniture collections.

The IAID 602 — Furniture Design Studio II exhibition serves as a testament to the department's commitment to nurturing versatile designers who are well-equipped to address the evolving challenges of the design industry.

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