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KSUnite Weekly

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April 29, 2019

Call for proposals for the third KSUnite

Submitted by Bryan Samuel

This year's KSUnite will be Wednesday, Nov. 6. KSUnite is a continual proactive initiative to create and sustain a campus climate aspired to by our Principles of Community.

In recognition of the journey in accomplishing our diversity and inclusion goals and our commitment to moving forward, we have adopted the theme "Moving Forward Together" for the 2019 KSUnite. Through this theme, we hope to emphasize the importance of all K-Staters valuing diversity and inclusion and interacting with each other to capitalize on the learning opportunities that differences can create. Moving Forward Together, we will enhance our knowledge about diversity and inclusion and support the affirmation of the inherent dignity and value of every person in creating a climate based on respect for each other.

Students, faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals for 45-minute breakout session presentations that will be offered the morning of Nov. 6. Proposals should address one or more of these categories below. Sessions in each category can be open to student, faculty, staff or all audiences. Sessions will be in the K-State Student Union.


Sessions that focus on interests, backgrounds and associational opportunities of all members of the campus to prepare participants for enhancing their awareness and understanding of issues along the diversity continuum. These sessions will demonstrate diversity and inclusion as a core value of K-State and emphasize expectations identified in our Principles of Community.


Sessions that present knowledge about diversity and inclusion and enriches the teaching, learning and service experience for all community members. These sessions will emphasize tenets of the Tilford Competencies as a component of the university's mission to ensure that all graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to be global citizens.


Sessions that focus on creating and sustaining an inclusive environment wherein students, faculty and staff understand the value and demonstrate the importance of diversity and inclusion through action and behaviors. These sessions will provide participants with takeaways and action items that can assist in realizing the institutional conditions aspired to in our Principles of Community and personal attributes identified in the Tilford Competencies.

Submit presentation information through the online form. The submission deadline is May 10.

If you have questions, contact Sara Ruiz Hirata, assistant to chief diversity and inclusion officer, at sahirata@k-state.edu.