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April 1, 2019

Klataske presents at Society for Applied Anthropology

Submitted by Ryan Klataske

K-State anthropologist Ryan Klataske presented "Turbulent Times in the Great Plains: Grasslands, Conservation, and Engaged Anthropology" at the 79th annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology on March 21 in Portland, Oregon.  

Despite rapidly vanishing prairie and wildlife in the Great Plains, there are individuals and organizations working to advance conservation, advocate for the stewardship of wildlife, habitat and resources, as well as resist the loss of grassland landscapes and livelihoods. Klataske's paper discussed current issues and efforts in the Great Plains, based on his engaged anthropological research and practice. His paper also highlighted the urgent need for anthropological and interdisciplinary research, engagement and attention to the region, suggesting a path toward more robust anthropology of grasslands and the Great Plains.

Klataske's presentation was part of a session on "Collective Governance, Cultural and Natural Heritage in the Face of Global Change: Perspectives from around the World," organized by Robert Hitchcock, Wayne Babchuck and Ryan Klataske.

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