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File for SGA Elections

Students can quickly and easily file for Student Government Association (SGA) Elections in KSIS. Just follow the steps below.

For additional information visit the SGA Elections website, or contact the Office of Student Activities and Services at 785-532-6541 or osas@ksu.edu.

  1. Go to KSIS (https://KSIS.ksu.edu) and log in with your eID and password.

  2. Go to the SGA elections filing form located at: Self Service > Student Government Elections > Elections Filing Form.

    Pic of the Left ksis menu showing the path to get to Elections Filing Form

  3. Review the filing requirements for your major.  If you do not meet the minimum GPA, your application will not be accepted.

     Student GPA Requirements to apply for student office

  4. You are allowed to file for office only within your primary major. The check mark in the Primary column indicates your primary major on record in KSIS.  (Note: If your primary major is incorrect or you need to make a change, contact the Registrar's Office.)  This screen also displays your currently enrolled hours and GPA.

     Picture of a list of majors, Currently enrolled Hours and GPA

  5. Enter your name as you wish it to appear on the SGA ballot.  Be sure to use a name that is recognizable to other students and contains your legal last name.

    Pic of where student's should enter their name for the SGA ballot

  6. Select the office(s) for which you want to file.  You can select multiple offices if desired.  If applying for Student Body President or Vice President, you must also select a running mate.

    Pic of student body selected with Running Mate area open

  7. Review the conditions at the bottom of the page and check the box if you agree.  Then click Continue.  

    Pic of Entering the Check box to agree to terms and click the continue button

  8. Review the information on the confirmation page.  Click Edit to change the information or Submit.

    Pic of the Elections Filing Form confirmation page

  9. The Thank You page provides important actions you will need to take.  Click Return to Student Center to finish.

    Pic of the Thank you page with a link to return to the student center