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SGA Elections

Student Governing Association Elections

Important notes, dates, and forms will be made available here as they are updated for the upcoming 2022 SGA elections in the Spring. 

Voting is live now! Polls will close at 6:00pm on Feb. 23rd. You can vote by going to https://sgaelections.k-state.edu/

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to SGA Elections Commissioner Reed Krewson: rgkrewson@ksu.edu

Mandatory Meetings: Must Attend 1 Meeting To Run

  • (SBP) Wednesday, Jan 19th @ 7 on zoom
  • (SBP) Friday, Jan 21st @ 6 in the Union (CSI)
  • (ALL) Wednesday, Jan 26th @ 7:30 on Zoom
  • (ALL) Friday,  Jan 28th @ 5 in the Union (CSI)
  • (ALL) Wednesday, Feb 2nd @ 7:30 on Zoom
  • (ALL) Friday, Feb 4th @ 5 in the Union (CSI)
  • (ALL) Wednesday, Feb 9th @ 7:30 on Zoom
  • (ALL) Friday, Feb 11th @ 5 in the Union (CSI)
  • (ALL) Wednesday, Feb 16th @ 7:30 on Zoom

To join the Zoom meeting, please click on "zoom" or copy this link into your browser: https://ksu.zoom.us/j/8079642475 

Click here to see the presentation given at the Mandatory Meeting 

If none of these meeting times work for you, please contact SGA Elections Commissioner Reed Krewson: rgkrewson@ksu.edu 

Important Election Dates 

Tuesday, Jan. 18th: 

  • General Election candidates may begin displaying chalk, banners, and posters (8 AM)
  • KSIS Filing Opens

Friday, Feb. 11th:

  • Deadline to file for office by 5:00 PM

Friday, Feb. 18th: 

Sunday, Feb 20th:

Tuesday/Wednesday, Feb 22/23rd:

  • General Election

Thursday Feb. 24th

  • Campaign Materials must be removed from campus by 7:00 PM