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About Designated Access

Students can grant access to specific KSIS information to other individuals, such as parents.  The process of granting access to a designee is shown below.

Designated Access Workflow

To get started, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. STUDENT: 

    • Sign into KSIS and go to the Student Center. From the Student Center click Add or Manage Designees in the Designees section on the right. Click the Add Designee button and follow the instructions. An email is sent to the address you entered for your designee.  (Show me how)


    • Check your email for the invitation to access your student's records. If you didn't receive the email: your student may have provided a different email address or the email may be in your Spam folder. Your student can resend the email if needed. Click the unique link in the email. (Show me how)


    • Follow the instructions to register for a K-State eID or enter your eID if you already have one.  (Show me how)

  4. STUDENT:  

    • Check your K-State email for a message prompting you to confirm your designee. Sign into KSIS and go back to Add or Manage Designees. Click the Confirm link to give your designee access to your records. (Show me how)


    • Provide your designee with the PIN number you assigned when creating the designee.  The designee must know their PIN number as a method of identification when calling K-State with questions. After being confirmed, the designee can view their student's records online by signing into KSIS

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