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FAQs - Training

  1. How do I get permission to access KSIS?

    To get access to KSIS, the appropriate KSIS Access Request form must be submitted.  Once the form has been approved and verified by the security administrators, access will be granted.  Some functions in KSIS require training before the permissions are granted.  See Getting Started for details.

  2. What University-level training is required for faculty and staff prior to granting access to the system?

    The training requirements vary by job responsibilities.  Many topics can be self trained by accessing KSIS Help topics located at http://www.k-state.edu/ksis/help. Locate the appropriate KSIS role and review the related articles.

  3. How and when can faculty and staff get training appropriate to their level of access?

    For a list of scheduled training sessions, see the Training page. If a session is not currently scheduled, contact the Training Coordinator at fdarkow@ksu.edu or 785-532-3138 to arrange for training.

  4. How do I sign up for training?

    Instructions for how to register for training is provided on the Training page.

  5. How can I find out if training classes are available?

    Watch the K-State Today newsletter for announcements of KSIS Training classes.  Announcements are made one to two weeks prior to start of the class.

  6. What if I can't find the information I need on the KSIS training page?

    Contact the Training Coordinator at fdarkow@ksu.edu or 785-532-3138 for more information.