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K-State in Kansas City

Four K-State campuses, all serving Kansas City

At Kansas State University, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals, and we believe that your city limits shouldn't limit your opportunities. Each of our campuses — Manhattan, Olathe, Polytechnic (Salina), and Global (online) — serve the Kansas City Metro area with a variety of academic program offerings. Whether you're thinking about that next step after high school or are looking to enhance your career potential, we've got you covered.

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K-State offers more than 250 majors and options. Discover endless opportunities to dream, grow and succeed in your academic journey at Kansas State University. Find your passion, gain momentum and study subjects that interest you. Select a campus and get started!



With 39 doctoral programs, 4 educational doctoral programs, 73 master's programs, 43 graduate certificates and a variety of emphasis areas, Kansas State University offers preparation for a variety of scholarly and research careers as well as for a wide range of professional positions.



Non Credit

There are many opportunities for professional and personal development including noncredit programs, continuing education credits, workshops and seminars. Select your campus of choice below.


K-State Olathe hosts a variety of professional development events and workshops that enable participants to customize their professional education.

Global Campus

Global Campus provides opportunities for professional and personal development, including noncredit programs, continuing education credits, and community learning.