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Division of Information Technology

Don't take the bait! K-State will never ask for your password in an email. Learn more.Suspect you received a phishing email? Forward the email, with original headers to: abuse@ksu.edu. Learn more.

IT Security

Protect yourself online

You are responsible and the best line of defense to protect your identity and personal information. Learn about securing your computer, protecting your privacy, your eID password, phishing scams, and more.

Secure your data

Learn about the IT security services available at K-State, including encryption software, VPN, media sanitization, and data security.

Policies and procedures

K-State has adopted a number of policies and procedures for IT security in order to address the growing threats to technology. These policies will help ensure the security of the K-State IT resources and the private information on them.

Report phishing email

If you receive a suspected phishing email, send the email and original headers to: abuse@ksu.edu

Learn how to forward with headers

Recent email scams