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Integrated Computer Science

Integrated Computer Science

107 Calvin Hall
802 Mid-Campus Dr. South
Manhattan, KS 66506-1002




*Due to COVID-19 advising will no longer take place in-person. All appointments will be online via Zoom or via email.

Academic advising generally takes place on a planned basis during each early enrollment period, but also as the need arises for students.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your advisor, please use the online appointment calendar SSC. Please leave detailed information in the comments. It gives your advisor an opportunity to prepare and guarantees sufficient time is allocated to address your needs.

If you have a quick question and don’t want to schedule an appointment, or aren’t a declared Integrated Computer Science major, please email the ICS advisor Elli Archer: earcher@ksu.edu.

How to Change Your Major

Email your current Deans’ Office with your WID number and request to change your major. Include what major you currently have declared and what major you would like to declare.

If you are moving colleges, it may take a few days for the changes to take effect in KSIS and SSC.

Agriculture: kstateag@k-state.edu
Architecture: myapd@k-state.edu
Arts & Sciences: artsci@k-state.edu
Business: business@k-state.edu
Education: edcoll@k-state.edu
Engineering: enggss@k-state.edu
Health and Human Sciences: hhs@k-state.edu
Polytechnic: polytechnic@k-state.edu

Student Organizations

Integrated Computer Science students are invited to participate in many of the Student Organizations offered through the Department of Computer Science. 


Learn more about College of Arts and Sciences scholarships.

Check out university-wide scholarship information.

Career Preparation

The K-State Career Center can help you with:

  • Career exploration
  • Career assessment for class assignment or follow-up
  • Resume or cover letter critique
  • CV critique
  • Other applicant documents
  • Job or internship search
  • Mock interview
  • And so much more!