Welcome to Integrated Computer Science

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Computer Science have collaborated to create the interdisciplinary degree: Integrated Computer Science (ICS). The degree can be completed either on-campus or through K-State Online.

Every career field incorporates technology in some way. Integrated Computer Science was created so our graduates can act as a bridge between the programming world and another field of the students' interest. Students will take courses in three main categories:

  1. Computational Core courses - These courses, taught by the Department of Computer Science, delve into core programming concepts and focus primarily on the Python language.
  2. Integration Elective courses - Teaching students how technology integrate with other aspects of our world: arts & humanities, culture, and moral reasoning & ethics. Taught from a variety of Arts & Sciences departments.
  3. Concentration courses - A minimum of 18 credit hours (6 courses), students can choose a double major, secondary major, minor, or certificate offered by K-State to fulfill their concentration. If a minor/certificate doesn't exist in their chosen field, students will work with their advisor to choose 6 courses from that department.

In their final year, students will work with a faculty member to bring together what they've learned in their programming courses with their concentration knowledge in a Capstone Project. They can then present their project in a Senior Showcase, or even in a future job interview!