Welcome to Integrated Computer Science

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Computer Science have collaborated to create the interdisciplinary degree: Integrated Computer Science (ICS). The degree can be completed either on-campus or through Global Campus.

A degree in Integrated Computer Science combines a computational core focused in real-world programming skills with an individualized concentration in each students’ area of interest, so you can personalize your degree with your passion.

It includes programming electives expanding the core computational skills and providing additional cultural and ethical knowledge, and a capstone project applying those skills to the concentration area.

Graham Leach-Krouse, Ph.D. Elli Archer, M.S.
Graham Leach Krouse(he/him)
Program Director – Integrated Computer Science
Associate Professor – Philosophy
Elli Hager (she/her)
Academic Advisor - Integrated Computer Science, Social Science & Open Option

Your Integrated Computer Science concentration can be a major, minor, or certificate; for example, your concentration could be a major in biology, if you want to use computational methods in the natural sciences. You could do ICS with a minor in the visual arts if you want to go into game development or web design. Or you could pick up a certificate in professional strategic sales from the College of Business Adminstration, if you've got an entrepreneurial vision and you want to have both the software skills to make it happen, and the sales skills to get people excited about it.

ICS equips students to apply computational thinking and methods in a wide variety of modern careers and to become academic, cultural, and industrial leaders who integrate the breadth and depth of an arts and sciences education with technical expertise in computer science.