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International and Area Studies

International and Area Studies

Robert Clark, Director
College of Arts and Sciences
Kansas State University
c/o Department of Modern Languages
14A Eisenhower Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Course Requirements

  • World Regional Geography (GEOG 100)
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 200 or 204)
  • One International Relations Course (marked with an § on the Approved Course List).
  • Four Electives from at least three different disciplines or majors.
  • Senior Research in International Studies (DAS 525): an independent studies research project culminating in a thesis on a topic approved by the general director of the program. The project may be directed by an instructor in the subject field or the general director. Guidelines for DAS 525
  • Foreign Language Requirement: four college semesters or the equivalent. It may be possible in some cases to validate the foreign language requirement for a language not taught at K-State.