Approved Course List

Many courses not on this list also count for the Secondary Major, including any course with significant international content. If you have questions about a course that is not on this list, contact Dr. Derek Hillard,

To see descriptions of the following courses, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

College of Agriculture

GENAG 505 Comparative Agriculture
AGEC 415 Global Agricultural Economy, Hunger and Poverty
AGEC 460 International Food and Agribusiness Study Tour
AGEC 623 International Agricultural Trade §

College of Architecture, Planning and Design

ARCH 655 International Field Study
LAR 742 Topics in Italian Landscape Architecture

College of Arts and Sciences Anthropology

ANTH 200 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 204 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Gen. Ed.)
ANTH 220 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 260 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 505 South Asian Civilizations
ANTH 508 Male and Female: Cross Culture Perspectives
ANTH 510 Kinship and Marriage in Cross-Culture Perspective
ANTH 511 Cultural Ecology and Economy
ANTH 512 Political Anthropology
ANTH 524 Immigrant America
ANTH 532 Central America: Its Peoples and Problems
ANTH 536 African American Cultures
ANTH 545 Cultures of India and Pakistan
ANTH 550 Cultures of Africa
ANTH 604 Culture and Personality
ANTH 618 Religion in Culture
ANTH 633 Gender, Power, and International Development
ANTH 634 Indigenous Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 673 Mesoamerican Archaeology
ANTH 676 Old World Archaeology
ANTH 685 Race and Culture


ART 604 Greek Art History
ART 612 Renaissance Art History
ART 622 Boroque Art History
ART 628 Foreign Studies in Art History
ART 630 Foreign Studies in Studio Art
ART 642 Nineteenth Century Art History


ECON 505 South Asian Civilizations
ECON 507 The Japanese Economy
ECON 536 Comparative Economics
ECON 681 International Economics §
ECON 682 Development Economics


ENGL 150 English Studies Abroad
ENGL 261 British Literature: Medieval and Renaissance
ENGL 262 British Literature: Enlightenment to Modern
ENGL 287 Great Books
ENGL 361 British Survey I
ENGL 362 British Survey II
ENGL 580 Selected World Literature
ENGL 605 Readings in Medieval Literature
ENGL 610 Renaissance Literature
ENGL 620 Readings in Seventeenth Century British Literature
ENGL 625 Readings in Eighteenth Century British Literature
ENGL 630 Readings in Nineteenth Century British Literature
ENGL 635 Readings in Twentieth Century British Literature
ENGL 670 Topics in British Literature


GEOG 100 World Regional Geography
GEOG 200 Human Geography
GEOG 300 Geography of Tourism
GEOG 331 Introduction to Japan
GEOG 332 Introduction to China
GEOG 340 Geography of Natural Resources
GEOG 450 Geography of Economic Behavior
GEOG 460 Human Dimensions of Global Change
GEOG 505 South Asian Civilizations
GEOG 620 Geography of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
GEOG 622 Geography of South America
GEOG 640 Geography of Europe
GEOG 650 Geography of Former Soviet Lands
GEOG 660 Geography of East Asia/China
GEOG 715 World Population Patterns
GEOG 720 Geography of Land Use
GEOG 725 Geography of Water Resources
GEOG 730 World Agricultural Systems
GEOG 760 Human Impact on the Environment
GEOG 765 Geography of Natural Hazards
GEOG 780 Cultural Geography


HIST 103 Overseas Eurpoean Studies
HIST 250 Russian Culture and Civilization
HIST 303 Latin American History and Civilization
HIST 330 History of East Asian Civilizations
HIST 331 Introduction to Japan
HIST 332 Introduction to China
HIST 501 Japan's Samurai Age
HIST 503 Historical Study in International Settings
HIST 504 Intellectual History of Early China
HIST 505 South Asian Civilizations
HIST 506 Modern India and South Asia
HIST 507 China Since 1644
HIST 508 Introduction to Modern East Asia
HIST 509 Japan since 1550
HIST 512 Women in European History
HIST 521 History of Christianity
HIST 543 The U.S. and World Affairs, 1776-Present
HIST 560 Latin American Nations
HIST 562 Modern Mexico
HIST 565 History and Culture of Greece
HIST 566 History and Culture of Rome
HIST 567 History of the Middle Ages
HIST 568 The Renaissance
HIST 569 The Reformation
HIST 570 Europe in the Seventeenth Centurey
HIST 571 Revolutionary Europe
HIST 572 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIST 573 Twentieth Century Europe
HIST 574 Europe since World War II
HIST 576 European International Relations to 1815 §
HIST 577 European International Relations since 1815 §
HIST 578 Central Europe 1500-1914
HIST 579 The British Isles to 1603
HIST 580 The British Isles since 1603
HIST 582 Eastern Europe Since 1914
HIST 583 History of France, 1400-1715
HIST 584 History of France since 1715
HIST 585 Medieval Religion and Politics
HIST 587 Nineteenth-Century Imperial Germany
HIST 588 Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany
HIST 591 The Russian Empire
HIST 592 Twentieth-Century Russia
HIST 593 The Vietnam War
HIST 596 Holocaust: The Destruction of the European Jews
HIST 597 Topics in European History
HIST 598 Topics in Non-Western History
HIST 703 Overseas European Studies

Mass Communications

MC 423 Global Advertising
MC 561 Global Culture and the Internet
MC 572 International Mass Communication
MC 662 International and Intercultural Public Relations
MC 675 International Advertising
MC 725 International Communications §

Modern Languages (Note: All courses taught in the designated foreign language unless indicated)

FREN 502 French Literature in Translation (taught in English)
FREN 514 Contemporary France
FREN 515 French and Francophone Culture
FREN 516 Readings in French
FREN 517 Commercial French
FREN 520 Introduction to French Literature I
FREN 521 Introduction to French Literature II
FREN 530 Topics in French Literature and Culture
FREN 709 Medieval French Literature
FREN 710 Sixteenth-Century French Literature
FREN 711 Seventeenth-Century French Literature I
FREN 713 Eighteenth-Century French Literature
FREN 714 Romantic French Literature
FREN 715 Realist French Literature
FREN 716 Contemporary French Literature
FREN 721 Francophone Literature and Culture
GRMN 503 German Literature in Translation (taught in English)
GRMN 510 German Film
GRMN 515 Topics in German Cultural Studies
GRMN 520 Readings in German GRMN 521 Introduction to Topics in German Literature and Culture of the 18th and 19th Century
GRMN 522 Introduction to Topics in German Literature and Culture of the 20th and 21st Century
GRMN 526 Business German
GRMN 530 German Cultural Studies and History
GRMN 700 Topics in Medieval German Literature and Culture
GRMN 701 Topics in Eighteenth Century German Literature and Culture
GRMN 702 Topics in Nineteenth Century German Literature and Culture
GRMN 703 Topics in Early Twentieth Century German Literature and Culture
GRMN 704 Topics in German Literature and Culture since 1945
GRMN 705 Topics in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century German Literature and Culture
JAPAN 391 Culture of Japanese Communication (taught in English)
MLANG 507 European Literature in Translation (taught in English)
RUSSN 250 Russian Culture and Civilization (taught in English)
RUSSN 504 Russian Literature in Translation: The Nineteenth Century (taught in English)
RUSSN 508 Russian Literature in Translation: The Soviet Period (taught in English)
RUSSN 552 Survey of Russian Literature
SPAN 505 Spanish Literature in Translation (taught in English)
SPAN 520 Hispanic Readings
SPAN 530 Spanish for Professions
SPAN 550 Introduction to Literature in Spanish
SPAN 560 U.S. Latino Literature and Culture in Spanish
SPAN 565 Spanish Civilization
SPAN 566 Hispanic-American Civilization
SPAN 567 Introduction to the Literature of Spain
SPAN 568 Literature of Spanish America
SPAN 730 Medieval Literature
SPAN 731 Early Modern Literature of Spain
SPAN 732 Cervantes
SPAN 734 Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Spanish Literature
SPAN 735 Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature
SPAN 736 Spanish Poetry
SPAN 750 Spanish-American Literature from its Origins to the Nineteenth-Century
SPAN 751 Spanish-American Literature: Late Nineteenth Century to Early Twentieth Century
SPAN 752 Contemporary Spanish-American Narrative
SPAN 755 Spanish American Drama
SPAN 757 Spanish-American Poetry
SPAN 760 Hispanic Literature and Culture in the U.S. (texts in English and Spanish)
SPAN 768 Cinema of Spain
SPAN 769 Cinema of Spanish America
SPAN 772 Spain Today
SPAN 773 Spanish America Today
SPAN 776 Spanish in the World


MUSIC 421 Salsa: Afro-Cuban Music of the Past and Present
MUSIC 530 Music History I: Ancient Greece through 1700
MUSIC 531 Music History II: 1700-1850
MUSIC 532 Music History III: 1850 to the Present
MUSIC 601 Western Music Before 1750

Political Science

POLSC 333 World Politics §
POLSC 344 Comparative Politics
POLSC 504 Political Sociology
POLSC 505 South Asian Civilizations
POLSC 511 Contemporary Chinese Politics
POLSC 541 Politics of the World Economy §
POLSC 543 American Foreign Policy
POLSC 545 The Politics of Developing Nations
POLSC 619 Comparative Agriculutral Politics and Policy
POLSC 621 West European Politics
POLSC 622 Latin American Politics
POLSC 623 South Asian Politics
POLSC 624 Middle Eastern Politics
POLSC 626 African Politics
POLSC 627 Eastern and Central European Politics
POLSC 629 Development Policy and Administration
POLSC 630 Politics of Russia and the Former Soviet Union
POLSC 641 Global Security Threats
POLSC 645 International Politics of Europe §
POLSC 647 International Law §
POLSC 649 International Defense Strategies §
POLSC 651 International Organization §
POLSC 652 International Politics of South Asia §
POLSC 653 International Politics of the Middle East §
POLSC 654 International Politics of Africa §
POLSC 655 International Politics of Latin America §
POLSC 707 Comparative Administrative Systems
POLSC 731 Comparative Civil-MIlitary Relations
POLSC 742 International Conflict
POLSC 754 The Professional Diplomat and Foreign Policy Formation §
POLSC 756 International Political Economy §


SOCIO 363 Global Problems
SOCIO 505 South Asian Civilizations
SOCIO 507 International Development and Social Change
SOCIO 535 Population Dynamics
SOCIO 618 Religion in Culture
SOCIO 633 Gender, Power, and International Development
SOCIO 738 International Migration
SOCIO 742 Society and Change in South Asia

Communication Studies, Theatre and Dance

COMM 480 Intercultural Communication
THTRE 786 Isreali Theater

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

GWSS 105 Introduction to Women's Studies
GWSS 380 Women and Global Social Change
GWSS 585 Women and Islam

College of Education

EDACE 714 International Education

College of Business Administration

FINAN 643 International Financial Management
MANGT 690 International Management
MKTG 544 International Marketing §
MKTG 547 International Business

College of Human Ecology

HN 702 Nutrition in Developing Countries
AT 430 History of Apparel Fashion: Renaissance to the Present
AT 545 Global Apparel and Textile Production and Distribution