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* indicates undergraduate or gradute student colleagues


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Click .pdf links to view presentations.

*indicate graduate or undergraduate students in the Hope Lab.


Galfano TM*, Hope AG. A conservation and taxonomic assessment of least shrews across North America. Fall 2021. Central Plains Society of Mammalogists. Remote. Research Talk.


Herrera TM*, HopeAG. Obscured concordance for Great Plains mammals: Lineage-specific diversification and community assembly through time. Fall 2021. Central Plains Society of Mammalogists. Remote. Research Talk.


Wiens BJ*, and Hope AG. Conservation genomics of the Pribilof Island shrew. Summer 2021. American Society of Mamalogists. Remote. Research Talk.


Jones MA*, and Hope AG. Hybridization dynamics of shrews across the boreal-tundra ecotone in northern Alaska. Summer 2021. American Society of Mamalogists. Remote. Research Talk.


Herrera TM* and Hope AG. Comparative phylogeography of Great Plains mammals. Summer 2021. American Society of Mamalogists. Remote. Research Talk.


Galfano TM*, Hope AG. Conservation genomics of least shrews. Summer 2021. American Society of Mamalogists. Remote. Research Talk.


Galfano TM*, Hope AG. A conservation genetics assessment of least shrews across North America. Fall 2020. Central Plains Society of Mammalogists. Remote. Research Talk.


Wiens BJ*, Hope AG. Genomic flatlining in the endemic Pribilof Islands shrew. Central Plains Society of Mammalogists. Fall 2020. Remote. Research Talk.


Herrera T*, Hope AG. Phylogeography of Boreal small mammals: Establishing a framework for understanding biodiversity responses to climate change. Fall 2020. McNair Heartland Conference. Research Talk.

30 January 2020
Kansas Natural Resource Conference 2020.

Integrated eco-evolutionary investigations of small mammal community dynamics in Kansas. .pdf


18 October 2019
Nature Conservency of Canada, Manitoba Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Research Symposium

Manitoba small mammal surveys, 2019. .pdf


9 July 2019
Ecological Genomics Research Symposium 2019

Hope AG
Integrating mammalian specimen archives, long-term research initiatives, and conservation genomics. Research Talk.


31 June 2019
American Society of Mammalogists - Washington DC

Hope AG
Integrating mammalian specimen archives, long-term research initiatives, and natural resource conservation. .pdf


30 June 2019
American Society of Mammalogists - Washington DC

Meacham KR, Schmidt ME, Combe FJ, Hope AG
Spatiotemporal prevalence of parasites with mammal community turnover and woody encroachment in the Great Plains. .pdf


30 June 2019
American Society of Mammalogists - Washington DC

Schmidt ME, Meacham KR, Combe FJ, Hope AG
What are the evolutionary origins of Kansas mammals? Community assembly dynamics through the Great Plains. .pdf


5 April 2019
LSU Museum of Natural Science Lecture Series

Hope AG
Exploring the evolution of shrews for applied biodiversity management. Invited Seminar.


25 February 2019
MCDB Seminar Series

Hope AG
Small mammal contact zones and evolutionary cascades: Methods for genomic investigations within complex host-parasite systems. K-State DoB Invited Seminar .pdf


12 February 2019
Alaska Forum on the Environment Conference, Anchorage AK.

Swanson S, DiFolco J, Vinson D, Knavel P, Caldwell W, Kremer B, Matz A, Hope A, Flamme M
Developing procedures to establish baseline environmental contaminant levels for small mammals in Alaska Parklands .pdf


2 November 2018
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Hope AG
Biodiversity conservation via evolutionary analysis of common species: Case studies from North American shrews. Invited Departmental Seminar .pdf


28 June 2018
American Society of Mammalogists - Kansas State University

Gragg SF, Nippert J, Hope AG
"Isotopic trophic niche dynamics of small mammal communities reveal spatiotemporal complexity across an experimental prairie woodland mosaic" .pdf


28 June 2018
American Society of Mammalogists - Kansas State University

Jimenez FA, HopeAG, Penticoff H
"Nematode assemblages provide a first glimpse of mammal-helminth community dynamics within the central Great Plains"


29 May 2018
Konza LTER Annual Meeting - Konza Prairie Biological Station

Hope AG
"Status of small mammal research on Konza 2018" .pdf