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The K-State Institute for Military History brings together scholars at one of America’s elite military history programs to expand the study of warfare and the armed forces. Long known for its integrated global approach to military history, the Institute works with faculty, students, community members, and military partners to expand the study of warfare in and out of the classroom. The Institute uses interdisciplinary approaches to bridge the gap between the battlefields and home fronts by embracing diverse understandings of the history and practice of war and military organizations.

Embedded to the Department of History, the Institute’s work supports the Department’s undergraduate and graduate programs as well as the interdisciplinary graduate program in Security Studies.

WWII memorial statue - KSU

(photo credit to Dr. Andrew Orr. K-State's WWII memorial statue with Anderson Hall in the background.)


Mission Statement

The Institute for Military History and its members collaborate with colleagues at K-State and our academic, military, and community partners to foster the study of the history and practice of warfare. It seeks to move beyond old debates between war and society studies and operational histories by creating an integrated and inclusive approach to the history of warfare that sees military operations, military organizations, and societies as part of a single whole. The Institute incubates military history research and teaching at K-State while building a community of institutions, scholars, and practitioners interested in understanding the history and practice of warfare.

Institute for Military History

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Dr. Andrew Orr

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Dr. Marjorie Galelli


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