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Podcast Episodes

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News: Due to staffing shortages, we are temporarily suspending our podcast episodes. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resume new podcast episodes and author interviews soon.

New Podcast episode:

Episode #9: The Frontier Demimonde: Prostitution in Early Hays City, 1867-1883

KH podcast #9

Previous Podcasts:

Podcast #8: The Victory Loan Flying Circus in Wichita

 KH Podcast #8

Podcast #7: A Journal Editor Looks Back: Thirty Years with Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains

Podcast #7

Podcast #6: Quindaro: A Microcosm of Important Things

Dr. James Leiker

Listen to episode #5 with Dr. Sarah Bell the following ways:

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Podcast #5 - (available via YouTube)

KHJ Podcast episode #5

Podcast #4:

KS Hist podcast 4

Podcast #3:

Kansas History Podcast 3

Podcast #2:

Kansas History journal Podcast 2

Podcast #1:

Kansas History journal Podcast 1