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Kansas History: Journal of the Central Plains

Current Issue

Autumn 2019

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Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains is a collaboration of the Kansas Historical Foundation (Kansas State Historical Society, Inc.) and the Department of History at Kansas State University.

This scholarly journal, recipient of awards from the Western History Association and the American Association for State and Local History, publishes new research on Kansas and western history and offers well-illustrated articles that appeal to both the serious student and the general reader.

Editorial Staff

Jim Sherow with Blue Managing Editor Jim Sherow is a University Distinguished Professor of History at Kansas State University. He specializes in the history of Kansas and the U.S. West, Environmental History, and the History of North American Indian Peoples. Professor Sherow is the author of six books: The Chisholm Trail: Joseph McCoy's Great Gamble (2018); with photographer John R. Charlton, Railroad Empire across the Heartland: Rephotographing Alexander Gardner’s Westward Journey (2014); Manhattan: Images of America (2013); The Grasslands of the United States: An Environmental History (2007); A Sense of the American West: An Anthology of Environmental History (1998); Watering the Valley: Development along the High Plains Arkansas River, 1870–1950 (1990). jsherow@ksu.edu

Ginette Aley KS Hist journal picture

Associate Managing Editor Ginette Aley is a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Kansas State University, successfully wearing multiple hats.Earning her Ph.D from Iowa State in 2005, Dr. Aley co-edited a book Union Heartland: The Midwestern Home Front during the Civil War (2013) which was the first to look at the Northern home front from a regional Midwest perspective, along with multiple articles and chapter essays. Her research and publications examine interrelated issues of gender, race, family, and policy primarily in a 19th century rural context. She has published over 50 book reviews, and in February 2019 she gave the 21st Annual Lincoln Lecture at the University of Saint Mary (Leavenworth).

Kelly Erby Book Review Editor Kelly Erby is Associate Professor of History at Washburn University where she teaches classes in revolutionary and early nineteenth-century American and gender history. She is the author of Restaurant Republic: The Rise of Public Dining in Boston (2016). She received her Ph.D. from Emory University.

Student Editorial Assistants

Savanna Kimmell picSavanna Kimmell is currently a sophomore at Kansas State University. She is working towards earning her bachelors in secondary education with an emphasis in Social Studies. With this degree she hopes to teach at the middle school level at either inner city or DODEA schools.

lisa highsmith 2020Lisa Caitlin Highsmith is a graduate student working towards her PhD in History at Kansas State University. She works as a Digital Media Coordinator for Kansas History: Journal of the Central Plains. She is in charge of updating and maintaining the journal's social media and is responsible for creating podcast episodes.

Josh WolfJoshua Wolf is a senior at K-State studying secondary education with an emphasis in social studies. Josh also plays trombone in the K-State Marching Band and K-State Cat-Band, and is a member of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity. In his future Josh looks forward to teaching high school history and government classes.