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The History Department offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in History which require 36 hours of coursework. We also offer History as part of a double major, with course hours reduced to 30.

Two professional courses constitute the core of the major: near the beginning of the major study, students should take HIST 300: Introduction to Historical Thinking. With sophomore standing, students can enroll in the wide range of upper-division courses (most are at the 300- or 500-level). HIST 300 is open to any interested student, not just History majors; requires Departmental permission to enroll.

Toward the end of the major, students enroll in HIST 586: The Advanced Seminar in History. HIST 586 is reserved for History majors only and requires advisor permission.

Please select the appropriate option below to view full requirements for the History major (includes double-major and teacher licensure requirements). New students starting F21 or later will follow the Fall 2021 or after requirements (second option).

The History Department also offers a minor at 21 credit hours.


A crucial component to successful completion of any major is advising. All students are assigned to Kathy Lillich, a dedicated advisor for both History and Political Science. The best way to make an appointment, especially during enrollment times, is to use the Student Success Collaborative, where you can login with your eID/password and make your own appointment with Kathy. Once you've logged in, click Schedule Appointment, and follow the pull down prompts for History advising. Kathy is always willing to complete advising appointments via Zoom; she can do in-person appointments Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Advising season happens twice a year during enrollment time; the end of October through the middle of November and the end of March through the middle of April. History majors are required to schedule an appointment with Kathy before enrollment each semester and an email reminder will be sent out to all students.

The "advisor flag" on your KSIS account will not be lifted until you complete this appointment. Please feel free to contact the History Office at any time if you have questions about the enrollment process.

To ensure that your appointment is as productive as possible, consult the current advising instructions .

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