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Human Capital Services

New Graduate Student/Hourly Student Employee Checklist

Before Your First Day

  • Notify your department if you have ever been employed with any state of Kansas agency as K-State will need to use the same Employee ID as you had at the other agency.
  • Notify your department if you qualify for College Work Study.
Provide the following forms/information to your hiring department:
  • K-4 Form, Kansas Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • Direct Deposit Form, Direct deposit of pay is required. You must either complete this form for wages to be deposited into your financial institution or enroll in the Skylight Pay Card program.
Foreign Nationals-Additional Forms Needed

Your First Day

  • Talk to your Departmental HCS Liaison or supervisor to make sure all payroll forms have been completed; get keys, phone, computer, and other needed equipment.

Your First Week

  • Job Expectations: Discuss with your supervisor.
  • Pay: All employees are paid biweekly.
  • Learn how to use HRIS/Employee Self Service to update your address or view your paycheck.
  • Time Reporting: Hourly students must report time worked. Ask your supervisor or Departmental HCS Liaison about the procedures to report hours worked. Most hourly students report time worked in HRIS/Employee Self Service. All Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Research Assistant also report time worked each pay period in HRIS/Employee Self Service but time reported is for federal compliance and does not affect actual pay.
  • Setup your outgoing voice mail message on your work phone, if applicable.
  • Review and understand your department policies and procedures.