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Frequently Asked Questions


It’s past the deadline for my month of travel. Can I still apply for a GSC travel award?
No. Late applications will not be considered. The GSC believes is it not fair to make exceptions for some students and not others.
I won't be notified if my abstract has been accepted for presentation until after the GSC travel award application deadline. Can I still apply for a travel award?

Yes! If you will be giving a presentation (e.g., talk, poster, recital, work of art/design), if you will be an author on a presentation but not giving the presentation, or if you will be actively participating in the event in some other way (e.g., commentator, discussant, panelist, workshop facilitator, case study), you must provide documentation that verifies your activity. If you have this documentation available when you apply for a GSC travel award, you may upload it in the application form. However, this documentation is NOT required at the time of application. The GSC recognizes that you may not receive acceptance notification from event coordinators until after the deadline to apply for a GSC travel award. As long as you complete all other required parts of the GSC application by the respective application deadline, your application will be considered for funding. If selected for funding, you will be required to submit this documentation prior to travel.

Am I required to provide a copy of my event registration with my travel award application?

This documentation is NOT required when you apply for a GSC travel grant, but if you have it available, you may upload it in the online travel grant application form. As long as you complete all other required parts of the GSC application by the respective application deadline, your application will be considered for funding. If selected for funding, you will be required to submit a copy of your event registration confirmation or receipt.

Award Allocation

When will I find out if I received a GSC travel award and how much my award is?

Within 10 business days after the application submission deadline, travel award recipients will be notified of their award amount via email and a list of award recipients will be posted. Due to the limited availability of funds and the competitive nature of the awards, it is possible that some applicants will not receive funding. Applicants not awarded funds will be notified via email.

Is there a maximum amount of funds I can be awarded?

Yes. Students traveling within the United States can be awarded a maximum of $500 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30) and students traveling internationally can be awarded a maximum of $750 per fiscal year. If a student is traveling both internationally and domestically during a fiscal year, he/she can receive a maximum of $750 for the fiscal year.

Are travel advances available?

No. GSC travel awards are paid as reimbursements after travel.

If I don’t have additional funding, would GSC consider increasing my travel award?

GSC travel award funds are limited and award amounts will not be increased for applicants who do not have additional funding to cover their travel expenses.

Declined or Partially Claimed Awards

When do you need to know if I won’t be using my travel award?

If your travel plans change and you will not be using your GSC travel award, you must inform the GSC immediately via email at gsctravel@ksu.edu. Failure to appropriately claim or deny a travel award will result in ineligibility for GSC travel awards for one year.

If I do not claim my full award amount, may I use the remainder of the award for another travel event?

No. If you do not claim the full amount awarded to you, you may not use the remaining funds for another event. However, you are eligible to receive another award in the fiscal year but you must submit a new application by the respective deadline. Example: You are allocated a $500 award for domestic travel in October, and you claim $300 of the award. You also plan to attend a conference in April. If you submit a new travel award application by February 1 for your April travel event, you could receive up to $200 for domestic travel in April or up to $450 for international travel.


What expenses will be reimbursed?

ONLY the following expenses will be reimbursed with a GSC travel award:
Conference/event registration
Baggage fees
Rental car and gas for rental car
Parking fees
Taxi, shuttle, subway and bus fares
Personal vehicle mileage *no receipts required

Can I be reimbursed for membership fees?

Membership fees can be reimbursed only if membership is required in order to attend the event. Please provide documentation that membership is required.

How will I be reimbursed if I drive my personal vehicle?

Reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle will be based on State of Kansas mileage rates. No receipts, including fuel receipts, are required for mileage reimbursement. See the Mileage Reimbursement for Use of a Privately-Owned or Operated Conveyance section of the Reimbursable Travel Expenses policy manual for more information and mileage rates.

Can I be reimbursed for my hotel expenses (or other expenses) if my roommate paid for it and then I paid him/her back?

Students should pay for their travel expenses and not those of other students when possible. If sharing a hotel room, separate hotel receipts for each student’s portion of the lodging should be submitted.

While this is the preferred method, the GSC understands that it is not always possible or economical to get separate lodging receipts, book flights separately, etc. If another student has paid for one of your expenses, include a letter or email from the individual with a copy of the receipt. The letter should include what the student paid for and the amount that you to that student.

Will I still receive my full award amount if the total of my receipts is less than my award?

No. You will only be reimbursed for the total amount of your receipts.

What if the total amount of my receipts exceeds my travel award?

You will be reimbursed up to the amount of your travel award.

My department is paying for some of the expenses of my trip, can I still apply for a travel award?

Yes. GSC travel awards can be used to pay for expenses not covered by your department.

What does "sign original receipts" mean?

All receipts submitted for reimbursement must have your signature on them indicating authenticity. Airfare and registration receipts are often sent via email. These can be printed and then signed. Receipts are not required for personal vehicle mileage reimbursement.

Why do I have to fill out a W-9 form?  Does it have anything to do with my taxes?

Information from the W-9 form is needed to establish information in the K-State vendor database. If you do not have direct deposit established with Kansas State University, a reimbursement check will be mailed to the address listed on the W-9 form. Reimbursements are generally neither taxable nor reportable.

Can I email or fax my travel reimbursement packet?

All reimbursement materials should be submitted in hard copy form in person or via campus or postal mail to the Graduate School, 119 Eisenhower Hall. Graduate students who are enrolled in a K-State Global Campus program and are not located in Manhattan or will be out of state or country for an extended period and unable to submit hard copy materials should notify the GSC at gsctravel@ksu.edu. In such cases, an extension for submitting reimbursement materials may be granted, or the student may submit materials via email or fax.

I won’t be able to submit my post-travel reimbursement materials by the 10 business day deadline. Can I submit my materials later?

Yes. Email gsctravel@ksu.edu requesting an extension. Failure to do so will result in a loss of your award.

How long will it take to receive my reimbursement? How do I get my money?

Reimbursement checks or electronic deposits should arrive 2-6 weeks after submitting reimbursement materials. Checks will be mailed to the address provided on your W-9 form. Reimbursements for GRAs, GTAs, GAs and other students enrolled in electronic deposit will be paid via direct deposit.