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Additional Travel Funding Sources

Submission of an application for a GSC travel award does not guarantee funds will be awarded. The GSC travel awards are competitive. The GSC has a limited amount of funds for travel awards and often receives more applications than can be funded. This means that the submission of an application for a GSC travel award does not guarantee funds will be awarded. Therefore, students are encouraged to seek funding from other sources and should explore these options well in advance of their travel event. Below are other suggested sources of travel funding.

College travel awards

Many colleges have travel award programs to support professional travel for graduate students. Click on the link below for your respective college to learn about their travel award program. If your college is not listed, contact your college dean's office to ask whether they offer financial travel support for graduate students.

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Human Ecology

College of Veterinary Medicine

Department/program funding

Your home department or graduate program also might offer travel support for you to attend conferences or for other academic or professional travel. Consult with your major professor, department head, or graduate program director to find out whether your department or program has funds available to support your travel. You should also ask your major professor whether he or she has funds from a research grant or other sources to support your travel.

Student Governing Association (SGA) travel funding

The Student Governing Association (SGA) offers travel grants, but the application must be submitted by a student organization, not an individual student. If you are involved with a student organization that is registered with the Center for Student Involvement, consult with the officers of that organization about applying for funding to support your professional travel. The SGA Travel Funding Request Form is available in OrgSync. You may be prompted to login to OrgSync with your K-State eid and password to access this form.

Professional associations

Many professional associations offer travel awards to students attending their meetings/conferences. Research the website of the conference you plan to attend or contact conference organizers to ask whether the association offers travel funding for students. Additionally, explore grants and funding opportunities throughout the year. Many professional, private, and government organizations offer funding to support graduate student research/scholarship, including research-related travel.