Travel Award Reimbursement Instructions

If you were awarded a GSC travel award, follow the instructions below to claim your reimbursement.

Are you employed at Kansas State University?

The process for receiving your reimbursement will be different based on whether or not you are employed by K-State.


I am a GTA, GRA, GA or am in another position for which I receive a paycheck from K-State.


I am not employed by and do not receive a paycheck from K-State.

Before travel: Submit a travel request in Concur. In the "comments" box, indicate that you were allocated a GSC travel award and the amount of the award.

After travel: Submit an expense report in Concur.

Need help? You can find information on training resources on the Concur site. Scroll down to Training Resources and go to the Travel section to access videos or PDF instructions.

Submit the GSC travel reimbursement form and required documents (outlined below).

If you indicate in the form that you received support from your department or college, you will not submit receipts to the GSC. We will work with your accounting specialist to process your reimbursement.

If the GSC travel is your only source of funding support for this travel event:
Before submitting your reimbursement claim, read the information on Required Documentation and Reimbursable Expenses below. We also encourage you to read the Reimbursement section of the Travel Awards Frequently Asked Questions.

Required documentation

If the GSC travel award is your only source of funding, in the reimbursement form, you will be required to upload the following documentation for expenses you paid for with personal funds:

  1. Submit your W-9 Form through the K-State Vendor Information Portal.
    • In the web-based fields above the form upload, enter your name in the Vendor and Contact name lines. Enter "Graduate School" in the line for Campus Department.
    • You only need to complete and submit the first page of the PDF form.
    • Make sure the form is signed and dated. The signature line is immediately above the "General Instructions" section.
    • If you do not have a Social Security Number, then submit the W-8BEN form instead
    • If you receive multiple GSC travel awards while a K-State graduate student, you need to submit the W-9 form once per year or whenever you have an address change.
  2. Proof of conference/event registration (required) - Proof of registration is required even if you do not wish to claim reimbursement for registration fees.
  3. Conference schedule/agenda (required)
  4. Original receipts for expenses you are claiming GSC reimbursement (required), see a list of reimbursable expenses below
    • Receipts must show the amount paid, not just the amount charged.
    • Receipts are not required for personal vehicle mileage and meals.
  5. Impact statement (required)
    • Provide a 50-100 word description of the impact the event has had on your future research/scholarly work and career development. These comments are valuable for the promotion of KSU graduate student research and scholarship and the GSC travel award program.
  6. Event photos (optional)
    • You are encouraged, but not required, to submit photos of yourself at the conference (ideally during your presentation, if giving one). Impact statements and photos may be used for marketing the GSC travel grant program.

Reimbursable expenses

ONLY the following expenses may be reimbursed with a GSC travel award.

  • Conference/event registration
  • Airfare
  • Baggage fees
  • Lodging
  • Rental car and gas for rental car
  • Tolls
  • Parking fees
  • Public transportation (e.g., taxi, shuttle, subway, bus, Lyft, Uber)
  • Personal vehicle mileage (no receipts required, see state reimbursement rates)
  • Meals (no receipts required, see state reimbursement rates)

Receiving your travel award reimbursement

Please allow up to six weeks to receive your travel award funds from the time you submit reimbursement materials.

Direct deposit

If you have direct deposit established with K-State, your GSC travel award will be deposited to that same account. For example, if you are a GTA, GRA, or GA and receive your stipend payments in a bank account, or if you have received refunds from the Cashier's Office via direct deposit, your GSC travel award will be posted to that same account.

Paper check

If you do not have direct deposit, the reimbursement will be sent in the form of a paper check to the address you provide on the W9 form.

Please direct questions regarding GSC travel awards to

Submit the GSC travel award reimbursement form