Award process

Step 1 - Apply for GSC Travel Award

Complete the online application by the deadline based on the official start date of the event you plan to attend.

Step 2 - Monthly application review

  • Applications are reviewed and award allocations are made on a monthly basis after each application deadline. Applicants are ranked by points awarded per criteria. Awards are allocated beginning with the highest ranked applications, and priority is given to applicants who are presenting research, scholarly, or creative work.

  • If the number of eligible applicants in a given month exceeds the amount of funding available, the following criteria are used to allocate awards in the following order:

    • Authorship – applicants giving presentations will be funded in the following manner based on their authorship status: first author, second author, third author or below

    • Date of application – as a final resort, date of application will be used to allocate awards, with preference given to those with the earliest application submission dates

Step 3 - Notification of award recipients

No more than 10 business days after the application submission deadline, travel award applicants are notified via email of whether or not they have been selected to receive a travel award. A list of award recipients is posted online.

Step 4 - Travel occurs

Step 5 -Submit reimbursement materials

  • Submit reimbursement materials no later than 10 business days after the last day of travel.
  • If you plan to engage in other travel before or after attending your event, please notify the GSC ( as soon as possible.

Step 6 - Receive reimbursement funds

  • Allow 2-6 weeks after submitting reimbursement materials to receive your reimbursement.
  • If enrolled in direct deposit, reimbursement will be disbursed directly to your designated account. If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, reimbursement will be sent in the form of a check to your address provided on the W-9 form.
  • If the travel award recipient is not able to pay for his or her travel upfront, many departments are willing to cover the award recipient's travel expenses up to the amount of awarded funds prior to the travel and the department will be reimbursed directly by the GSC after the travel. Prior to travel, please contact your department office or Cynthia Brott for more information about this arrangement.