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Special Supervisory Committee Appointment

The Special Graduate Faculty Membership nomination requirements are defined in Chapter 5 of the Graduate Handbook.


The request for appointment of a non-K-State faculty to serve on a graduate student’s supervisory committee should be made by the department head of the academic program or graduate program director of an interdisciplinary program.  The following materials should be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School via email for review.

Letter of Justification
The letter should provide a rational for inclusion to the supervisory committee and the unique contribution the individual will make as a member of the committee. The name and WID of the student(s) must be included.

Complete vita


If you are requesting that the individual serve on multiple supervisory committees, please submit a list of students with the items above or please consider nominating the individual for Graduate Faculty Associate (GFA) membership. A GFA is granted a three year membership term with permission to serve on supervisory committees, teach graduate level courses or both. For more information regarding GFA membership please visit the Graduate Handbook, Chapter 5, D.5.