Submitting a program recommendation completes an application review and sends the application to the graduate school.
Instructions below cover both the Legacy Interface and Updated Interface.
Note: Returning to make any further changes after saving the program recommendation will not trigger a notification. Please email if you wish to make changes after a recommendation has been submitted.

1 - Select a Review Pool
Select a …Ready for Review pool folder.

Pool folders are displayed on the left-hand side: Choose Review Pool

2 - Select an Application
Choose an application to work on.

Legacy Interface:
Double-click the application record to open the record: view

Updated Interface:
Select the View option. view

3 - Select Decision
Navigate to the Decision tab/page.

Legacy Interface:
Select the Decision tab.

Updated Interface:
Under the Pages tab, select the Decision page. decision

4 - Enable Edit Mode

Legacy Interface:
Edit mode is automatically on in the legacy interface. Proceed to next step.

Updated Interface:
Click the Edit icon to enable editing mode. Edit

5 - Set Program Recommendation

Choose a Program Recommendation from the drop-down list: decision

6 - Enter Advisor Name

Enter the full name: ADVISOR
Do not enter comments or abbreviated names.

7 - (Optional) Defer/Change Term

If the admission term will be different from the application term, select the term using Defer/Change Term: TERM

8 - (Optional) Add Notes
Use Notes to specify courses required, reasons for probationary admission, or other requirements to be used for the admission.

Legacy Interface:
Under Enter Note on the Decision tab, type your note, then click Add. notes

Updated Interface:
Select Notes (shown above the record content), then click Add Note notes

9 - (For International Applicants) Enter Assistantship information
Provide Assistantship funding information and form.
Please upload the assistantship information before submitting the program recommendation. Submitting this information later may delay the student obtaining important travel documents.

Enter the amount of funding value: FUNDING

Upload the assistantship form:

Legacy Interface
Click green + to upload the PDF form.

Updated Interface
Choose Select File or drag the PDF file: assist

10 - (Optional) Pathway
Admit under Pathway Program: If being considered for the English Language - Graduate Pathway Program (see Handbook section B4.) select Yes.

11 - Save
Saving the record with a selected Program Recommendation will submit the decision to the Graduate School for processing and completes program review of the application.

Legacy Interface:
Click Save.

Updated Interface:
Click Save & Exit: save

12 - Return to Application List

Legacy Interface:
Click Close.

Updated Interface:
Click the link shown above the applicant name (in this example, 'Kansas State'). Return Link