Assign Evaluators - Updated UI

If you signed in to the legacy interface switch to the updated interface.
Click your username (top right), select ‘Updated UI’. Switch


1 - Select a Review Pool

Select a …Ready for Review pool folder.Assing Pool

TIP: : Do not assign applications for review from the top pool folder, always use a ...Review folder.

2 - Select Applications to Assign

Select (using the check box) one or more applications listed in the review folder.

Application List

3 - Manage Evaluators

Choose Actions menu, select Manage Evaluators. Action

4 - Select Evaluators

Select one or more evaluators from your list. Click Assign.
Assign Evaluators

TIP: To unassign an evaluator, select the evaluators and choose Unassign.

5 - Review Action Message

A message will display the result of the assignment.
Assign Notificaiton

6 - Review Evaluation status

Review the Evaluation Status, Not Started, In Progress, and Complete columns.:
Assign status

TIP: The status may change based on the user signed in (for example, if you are assigned to review an application, a red dot indicates this).

If your department has automatic assignments setup, you can still use this process to manually assign additional evaluators or change evaluators assigned to an application . The status columns will show numbers actively assigned. To change automatically assigned evaluators you will need to notify the graduate school.