Upload Files - Updated UI


If you signed in to the legacy interface switch to the updated interface.
Click your username (top right), select ‘Updated UI’. Switch


Use this process to add or replace files (documents, transcripts, statements, evaluations, etc.) in an application.

1 - Select the Pool Folder

Select a pool folder (left side of view) to see a list of application records: pool-folder

2 - Choose the Record

Choose an application record from the list; click View to open the record: record-view

3 - Select Upload Materials

On the Pages tab, select the Upload Materials page: record-tab-pages

4 - Enable Edit Mode

Select Edit to start editing mode (if not already selected): . search-test
Note: Editing mode is required to upload/replace files. Changes to files are saved as you carry them out.

5 - Choose an Upload Option

Options to upload or change files in an application will differ depending on whether an existing files has already been uploaded and will also depend on the document type. Look for the following options:
Drag Here or Select File:

Shown for some files where no existing file is present.
Drag your file or choose Select File to upload a new file.


Used for transcripts and recommendations.
Select Manage to view, remove or replace an existing file.
Be sure to upload the official transcripts to the Official Transcript column.


Used for transcripts and recommendations.
Click Upload to upload a new file, then drag your file or choose SelectFile.

Preview /
Clear /
Shown for managed files.
Clear will remove the file,
Replace will overwrite the file with a new file.
(Be cautious, the changes cannot be undone).

6 - Finish Editing Mode

For best practice, select Save or Save & Exit .Save-Exit

File changes are saved as you carry them out. If you made other editing changes to the record, be sure to save your changes.

If you select Cancel, any files you replaced/uploaded will still be saved, but any record edits will not be saved.
Save - save edits, remain in edit mode.
Save & Exit - save edits, return back to read-only mode.
Cancel - discard edits (except file changes), return back to read-only mode.