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Graduate School

Doctorate Students: Approval to Schedule Final Examination

An Approval to Schedule Final Examination form must be submitted to the Graduate School at least two weeks in advance of the final examination. Please note that an approved Program of Study must be already on file within the Graduate School prior to submitting the Approval to Schedule Final Examination form. 

Upon receipt of this form, your records will be checked by the Graduate School to see if all requirements have been met. The Graduate School will send an email to you indicating if your materials are in order or that you have specific issues that must be resolved prior to the final examination. 

Follow these steps listed below:

  1. Complete the online Approval to Schedule Final Examination form.
    Electronic Form Submission
  2. Obtain required signatures - Your major professor, supervisory committee members and department head or graduate program director are required to sign and date the form.  When using the the online form, committee members, department head etc. will automatically receive requests for electronic signature to allow completion of the form. 
  3. Submit - If you used a paper copy, you must submit the completed form, with all signatures, to the Graduate School. The online form will be submitted automatically when all signatures have been received.