Enrolling in courses

The video and instructions below will guide you through the process of enrolling in classes in KSIS (K-State's student information system).

When to enroll in courses

U.S. citizens/permanent residents: As long as enrollment has opened for your term of admission you can enroll in classes as soon as you have been admitted. Refer to K-State's Academic Calendar, which outlines dates for when enrollment opens.

Non-U.S. citizens: You must first arrive to campus and check in with the Graduate School. Our admissions staff will matriculate your student record, and then you will be able to enroll in classes.

Important dates and deadlines

Refer to K-State's Academic Calendar, which outlines dates for when enrollment opens, the last day to add a course without instructor permission, deadlines to drop classes for a full, partial, or no refund and deadlines to withdraw from a class (no refund and "W" appears on your transcript).

Non-standard course deadlines

The drop and withdrawal dates listed on the Academic Calendar are for standard (16-week) courses, and the deadlines will vary for non-standard courses. This KSIS help guide shows you how to find the drop and withdrawal deadlines for your specific courses.

How do I know what courses to take?

Consult with your advisor or the director of your graduate program on what courses to take your first semester. If you’re not sure who your advisor is, learn how to find your advisor in KSIS.

Enroll in courses in KSIS

Login to your KSIS account to enroll in classes. You need to create your K-State eID and password in order to access KSIS. If you are an international student, you will not be able to enroll until you arrive to campus and check-in with the Graduate School. For step-by-step instructions on how to enroll, use this KSIS help guide.

How to search for course numbers

To enroll in a course in KSIS, you will need to know the course number, a unique 5-digit code assigned to the course. There are a few ways to find the course number.

Search for courses in KSIS
Follow this KSIS help guide for a few different methods for searching for courses in KSIS.

Search for courses in the course schedule

  • On K-State's Course Schedule page, click on the course schedule listed under the semester for which you want to enroll.
  • Click on the department that offers the course you want to enroll in.
  • On the next page, you will see a list of all courses offered by that department. Scroll down the page or use the "Jump to Course" feature at the top to find your course.
  • Once you find the correct course, identify the 5-digit number listed for the specific section of the course you want to enroll in. You will enter this 5-digit number in KSIS to enroll in the course.

Enrolling in undergraduate courses

If you need to enroll in an undergraduate course for undergraduate credit, you will need to complete the Special Enrollment Access request form in order for the Graduate School to create an undergraduate career for you in KSIS.

How to drop a course

If you want to remove a course from your schedule, follow this KSIS help guide on how to drop a course.

Additional resources

If you have questions or need additional guidance using KSIS, you can find many other "How To" guides and responses to frequently asked questions on the KSIS help page.