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Exit Survey

The Graduate School would appreciate a candid evaluation of your advanced studies at Kansas State University. Your comments will be treated with strict confidence and will only be used in conjunction with collective responses. All questionnaire answers are compiled in a database at the Graduate School in summary form. These answers will be useful in providing feedback to academic programs on the quality of graduate education, either to reinforce positive interactions, or to offer constructive feedback on improving the quality of education for students in the future. Please complete the following online form and press the 'submit' button at the bottom when you are finished. Thank you for taking the time to respond and for your thoughtful evaluation.


  • Select your Degree:  


  • Select your Program  


  • Date began graduate studies at KSU (mm/yyyy) -



  • Date Completed (mm/yyyy) -



  • Comment on the strengths of your graduate program at KSU:



  • Identify the professors in your program you considered outstanding:



  • Describe any significant weaknesses in your graduate program:



  • Note any changes you believe would have appreciably strengthened the quality of your graduate education at KSU:



  • What did you find most to your liking at KSU?



  • What did you find least to your liking at KSU?



  • A major goal of the Graduate School is to assist you with the formalities of your graduate education on a university wide basis. Please describe any strengths and/or weaknesses in your interactions with the Graduate School.



  • Please select the answer that most closely represents your response to the following:
    A.I believe that my department provided me with good academic advisement during the course of my program.
    B.I believe that my graduate department challenged me intellectually.
    C.I believe that I received a good education in my graduate department.
    D.I would recommend my graduate department to someone else.



  • What are your plans following graduation?
    Begin Working (I have a job).
    Take a postdoctoral fellowship, or research position.
    Still looking.
    Other (Please Specify)



  • If you have accepted a new position, which of the following best characterizes it?
    College or University Faculty or Administrative
    Other Education
    Other (Please Specify)



  • What is the location of the position you accepted?
    Other (Please Specify)



  • How closely related is your job to your graduate education?
    Very Closely Related
    Closely Related
    Minimally Related
    Not Related at All



  • Please make any additional comments that may assist us in evaluating and improving the quality of graduate education at KSU: