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Exercise leadership for the common good

Global Food Systems Leadership is the newest opportunity for K-State students to tackle global problems within all facets of the food system. This secondary major provides an interdisciplinary approach, challenging students to ask tough questions and develop a systems-thinking mindset. Together we can explore new ideas, share with peers, and grow endless possibilities.

Cultivate Positive Change for Our Global Food Systems


Our Mission

Creating a space for students to learn from one another through diverse perspectives while exploring the complexities of our global food system.

A Collaborative Effort

Launched in 2016, the Global Food Systems Leadership secondary major is truly an interdisciplinary effort between the College of Agriculture, the Staley School of Leadership, and the Department of Political Science. The program is housed at the Staley School of Leadership, with the core coursework taught by outstanding faculty from the Staley School and College of Agriculture. A generous donation from Frontier Farm Credit Services provided the program's startup costs, with half of the money set aside for student scholarships in future years. In December 2018, the secondary major welcomed its first graduate of the program, Christine Rock.

Enhancing All Majors

Our global food systems affect more than just one career path. It is an integrated system that needs individuals who are knowledgeable of its complexities and prepared to exercise leadership on a grand scale. Because of that, the Global Food Systems Leadership program was developed as a secondary major, meant to enhance a student's primary area of study — regardless of what that area of study may be. By pairing the program with a students primary major, students from all disciplines are better equipped to make an impact on our global food supply. Learn more about the coursework.

What is a secondary major?

This program is designed to encourage multidisciplinary dialogue and involvement among students across campus with diverse perspectives about global food systems leadership. A secondary major must be tied to a primary major and is intended to provide broad learning options to enhance the student's primary area of study. The global food systems leadership secondary major requires 24 credit hours, some of which may also be required for the student's primary major and also provides opportunities for focused course selection.