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Global Food Systems Leadership

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Global Food Systems
Leadership Program

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Student Spotlights

Students and graduates of K-State's Global Food Systems Leadership are prepared for a wide variety of careers and internships. They are equipped with the knowledge and leadership practice to make positive change on the challenges facing food and agriculture. Read on to learn more about our students and their areas of interest.

Jaden CastinadoJunior at K-State

Jaden CastinadoJaden has put his global food systems knowledge to great use, serving our local campus and food system through K-State's Food Pantry, Cats' Cupboard.

Major: Food Science & Global Food Systems Leadership

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Jaden is a student volunteer and Social Media Coordinator for Cats’ Cupboard: The K-State Food Pantry. He has seen what food insecurity looks like on a local level and publicizes the work the food pantry is doing.

Jaden also served as an undergraduate researcher in the Kansas Value Added Foods Lab through K-State Research and Extension. Adding value to food proves extremely useful to those who have access to little food. By combining his interests, Jaden is already making an impact on his local food system and is motivated to impact the global food system in the future.

Why Global Food Systems Leadership?

“I came into my freshman year knowing I wanted to study Food Science as well as Spanish, but when I heard of GFSL, I realized it was the perfect stepping stone to connect all of my disciplines. I have always been passionate about food, food insecurity, and wanting to learn where my food came from, and this secondary major has exceeded my expectations and taught me more about the global food system than I could have imagined.”

Lane CoberlyK-State Graduate, May 2019

Lane CoberlyLane currently lives in Washington D.C. and works with the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry as a staff assistant/legislative correspondent.

Degree: B.S. in Political Science & Global Food Systems Leadership

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While in college, Lane had several internships and part-time jobs that related to his interests in the global food systems and politics. During his junior year, he was a Legislative Intern in Topeka, KS, where he researched legislative issues concerning constituents’ needs and attended meetings with his Representative to assist as needed.

Throughout college, Lane worked as an Advocacy Intern for the Kansas Farm Bureau. In this role, Lane lead a policy engagement program, built online training modules for KFB members on policy issues, and created materials to advance KFB's legislative agenda. These internships allowed Lane to apply his knowledge of global politics relating to food and agriculture to a more local level.

Why Global Food Systems Leadership?

"This secondary major has brought me a great amount of understanding in the underlying, connected issues facing much of today’s agriculture and world. Having this specific education will be not only highly transferable and useful, but rewarding as I seek to create for our community and world a better tomorrow."

Sara GammonJunior at K-State

Sara GammonSara is passionate about the “global” part of our food systems. By quenching her thirst for travel and gaining valuable research experience, Sara has already taken steps towards ending world hunger. 

Major: Agricultural Economics & Global Food Systems Leadership

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Sara has been deeply impacted by her experiences abroad. Through the World Food Prize Borlaug-Ruan International Internship, Sara spent a summer in India. She directed independent research on “Measuring the Impact of Village Milk Collection Centers on Women’s Socioeconomic Development" and conducted interviews with Indian farmers at field sites.

Last summer, Sara also traveled to Kenya through K-State’s International Service Teams program. While there, she conducted research on different methods of silage production and implemented a crop rotation schedule for eight plots of land. She also developed her teamwork skills and taught leadership development courses to Kenyan children and youth.

Why Global Food Systems Leadership?

“The secondary major has challenged me to think deeper about complex social issues and given me a solid foundation for my future career. The knowledge I have gained from this major will put me in a better position to cultivate positive change in our global food system.”