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Department of Geology

Degree options

Through our various degree options, students are able to study Earth Sciences at the cutting edge of our discipline. Our degrees provide opportunities for students to gain experience in field methods, laboratory approaches, including the use of state-of-the-art instruments, and modeling. These are skills that employers seek! More information about our learning objectives is available in our Student Learning Outcomes summary.

Undergraduate degrees

We offer several undergraduate degree options, including B.S./B.A. options, minors, and more. Our undergraduate Geology curriculum allows students to shape their elective course options according to their career interests. Students who want to prepare for a career in environmental geoscience or the oil and gas industry are able to focus more of their upper-level elective courses on those options. Students who want to experience a broader range of course options have that opportunity as well. For more information about our undergraduate degree options, please see our Undergraduate Program page.

Graduate program

We offer a Geology M.S. degree for students who want to learn more about a specific area of geology. A graduate degree is an opportunity for students to advance their scientific research skills beyond their undergraduate experience. It can also promote their career options and earning potential. For more information, please see our Graduate Program page.

Course offerings

Course descriptions are available by searching "GEOL" in the course catalog. However, to see what courses are being offered and when, you need to search the course schedules.

Students at Kanopolis Lake

GEOL 100 students checking out bedrock at Kanopolis Lake


Lab experience

Students developing laboratory skills