Undergraduate Program and Requirements

We offer several undergraduate degree options, including B.S./B.A. options, minors, and more. Our undergraduate Geology curriculum allows students to shape their elective course options according to their career interests. Students who want to prepare for a career in environmental geoscience or the oil and gas industry are able to focus more of their upper-level elective courses on those options. Students who want to experience a broader range of course options have that opportunity as well.

Our degree programs will prepare you for a career in Earth and environmental science or for advanced study (in geology or another field). We offer the following Bachelor of Science/Arts degrees:

Geology Majors

Geology majors can select among three learning tracks that position them to work on some of society's most important problems, including issues related to water, sustainability, and production of energy and water resources:

Geology track

Explores the spectrum of Earth sciences, from fossils to volcanoes. Prepares students for a wide range of career options, whether that is in the environmental, energy or mining industries; government; academia; and more.

Energy and Natural Resources track

Focused on exploration and extraction of energy and mineral resources. Great choice for students interested in working in the oil and gas industry or mining industry. Note - this track is referred to as the Petroleum Geosciences track in the K-State undergraduate catalog.

Environmental Geosciences track

Focused on processes that shape the landscape and control the quality and availability of water and soil resources. Ideal for students interested in working in the environmental industry.

Environmental Science Majors

The Department of Geology offers an interdisciplinary Environmental Science degree through a partnership with the K-State Department of Agronomy, Division of Biology, and the Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences. Additional information about the degree program is available on the K-State Environmental Science Program website .

We also offer the following minors and secondary programs:


To help you navigate and complete your undergraduate degree, please contact and meet with your Undergraduate Academic Advisor in the Department of Geology: Colleen Gura . If you have not yet been assigned an advisor or wish to talk to one about any of our degree programs, please contact Hunter Rose (785-532-6724), for assistance.

Important schedule information: majors courses are not offered every semester and many have prerequisites. Your adviser can help you plan an appropriate schedule. The current major course rotation is summarized in the table below. You can can view a more comprehensive course schedule for upcoming semesters here.