Department of Geology

Also known as geoscience, geology is the primary Earth science that looks at the structure and composition of the Earth, the processes that act upon it, and the history of the Earth throughout the course of its life. By studying this, we can unlock information about the Earth's past and anticipate its future.

Let us prepare you for a career in Earth and Environmental Sciences

What do we do? Geology is the study of the Earth. Geologists are interested in a wide range of topics, including the materials that make up the Earth, processes that affect those materials, and the history of the Earth.

Our majors use their training to work on some of society’s most important problems, including issues related to water, sustainability, and production of energy and mineral resources. Geology is a great choice if you want to be a part of the solution to these challenges!

What tools will you gain from geology? Our degrees help students learn about the Earth and sharpen skills that employers seek. As you develop an in-depth knowledge of the Earth, you will gain hands-in experience with geoscience laboratory techniques, field methods, and modeling techniques used to analyze Earth processes.

How are the job prospects? The job outlook for our majors is excellent. Between 2019 and 2029, US Bureau of Labor Statistics workforce projections predict a 5% growth in geoscience jobs, higher than average for all occupations. And geoscientists are well paid. In 2019, the median salary for geoscientists was $92,040, higher than the median for all physical scientists.

Geology is one of the most interdisciplinary sciences. So, there are a lot of ways that geology majors can apply their degrees. For more information, please see our Careers page.


Our People Leading the Way

Dr. Matt Kirk

Dr. Matthew Kirk recently published a new open access textbook – Microbiology for Earth Scientists. The book seeks to advance understanding of the important roles that microorganisms play in shaping the Earth, including impacts related to water quality and climate change.

Sarah Lamm (BS, MSc, PhD Student) & Dr. Brice Lacroix

Sarah Lamm, Class '18 and '21, has been recently published her first paper. This research was conducted as her masters projects under the supervision of Dr. Brice Lacroix. They took chlorite samples with known chemical compositions and correlated them to subtle shifts in Raman spectra.

Muhammed Jallow, Tochukwu Onyebum, and Fidelis Onwuagba

Congratulations to Muhammed, Tochukwu, and Fidelis for receiving prestigious SEG scholarship awards. Please join us in congratulating these students for their hard work and accomplishments. You can read more about their momentous achievements at the link below.

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