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  • Geology Seminar Series

You may view the Fall 2023 Geology Seminar Series schedule here!

Fall 2023 Geology Seminar Series Schedule

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Check out the list of our student and faculty recent accomplishments here!

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  • Geo-on-the-Go featuring "GeoNuggets"
    An educational video series by Dr. Karin Goldberg featuring

This video series explores various geological processes, features, and terrains in a virtual format that gives viewers an opportunity to "travel" remotely and learn about geology from wherever they may be! Join us on a virtual journey!

    • GeoNuggets! It's all about Geology #1
    • GeoNuggets #2 - Karstic Terrains
    • GeoNuggets #3 - Petroleum Extraction

Other videos by Dr. Karin Goldberg:

    • A virtual field trip to a 300-million-year-old ocean in Kansas
    • Fossils and Ancient Environments