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Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences

Dr. Kendra K. McLauchlan

EducationPh.D., University of Minnesota, 2004
Research InterestsBiogeography, soils, paleoecology, North America
Courses Taught
  • GEOG 221 Environmental Geography I
  • GEOG 490 Problems in Geography (Ecoregions)
  • GEOG 745 Biogeography
  • GEOG 760 Human Impact on the Environment
  • GEOG 790 Seminar in Geography (Paleoenvironmental Change)
  • GEOG 850 Topics in Environmental Geography/Stable Isotopes
Service ActivitiesDirector, Paleoenvironmental Laboratory
OfficeSeaton 0003
Telephone(785) 532-6155
Fax(785) 532-7310

Dr. McLauchlan

Dr. McLauchlan's core areas of geographic research are in human-environment interactions and physical geography.