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Department of Geography and Geospatial Sciences

Geography Matters!

Discovery and dissemination of new knowledge are the cornerstones of the Department of Geography missions.  Drawing upon the research interests and experience of the faculty, the department's core areas of geographic inquiry are in the areas of nature and society interactions, population and health geographies, cultural geography and landscape, rural landscapes and sustainability, earth systems science, and geographic information science and technology.  The image below, drawn from thesis and dissertation titles published by geography students since 2000, reflects this focus.

Geography Research Themes

K-State geographers enjoy a strong research and teaching reputation and the department ranks highly among the social, physical, and biological sciences at Kansas State University.  Our department has also been recognized as a top-ranked geography doctoral program for small, less expensive universities.  Our faculty actively publish their scholarship and are successful at securing extramural funding to support their research programs. Collaborative, and multidisciplinary, research involving teams of students and faculty is common.           

The benefits of the geography undergraduate and graduate programs at K-State include a balanced curriculum, a broad-based approach to research and other forms of scholarship, and a commitment to fieldwork as a component of geographic inquiry. We strive to maintain an informal, friendly atmosphere and offer students the opportunity to work closely with faculty members, research staff, and visiting scientists.            

Geography students are frequent, and successful, competitors for a variety of prestigious national scholarships, academic programs, and professional organization awards. Geography student scholars have been recognized by agencies such as the National Science Foundation, NASA, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Defense, Environmental System Research Institute (Esri), and American Association of Geographers. Kansas State University geography students have also earned a total of 19 GTU Buzzard Scholarships, the most from any university in the United States.