Undergraduate Programs

More than ever before, a global understanding is key to success in today's interconnected world. Geographers study topics ranging from the nature of places to sustainability to water resources and landuse/landcover change using geocomputational methods. Among the environmental and geosciences, geographers enjoy excellent career opportunities with very competitive salaries. Plus, you will prepare for a career that makes a positive impact on both people and the planet!

Geography Matters!

Training in spatial analysis, social and environmental systems, and geospatial techniques gives students a competitive edge for starting careers in both the public or private sectors.


Undergraduate students may pursue a B.A. or B.S. in Geography, a B.S. in Geographic Information Science & Technology, or a B.S. in Environmental Science. Each of these programs offer learning tracks or specialization areas that can be used to customize degrees to student interests and career objectives. These individual programs are also designed to accelerate completion of powerful dual-degree experiences.


Undergraduates studying nearly any discipline can also strengthen their degrees with a Geography Minor, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Secondary Major, and/or a Geographic Information Systems Certificate.