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Division of Financial Services

Fund Balancing
Kansas State University
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Ave.
Suite 600
Manhattan, KS 66502

785-532-3640 fax

The Fund Balancing Section is responsible for the successful communication of accounting data from the University’s information systems to the State of Kansas for recognition in the State’s accounting and treasury management systems. Fund Balancing then ensures that this data is recorded identically in both the KSU accounting system (FIS) and in the State’s accounting system (SMART). On a local level Fund Balancing also ensures that transactions managed through the University’s locally held State Fee account, Local Agency accounts, Imprest, and Organizational Safekeeping accounts are recorded accurately in both FIS and with the local banks.

In addition to the responsibilities noted above the Fund Balancing Section also collects and processes the University Transfers of Payment and Encumbrance Correction Forms submitted by KSU Departments and is the main contact for questions concerning the monthly FIS account statements.