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Budget Office

About the Budget Office

The Kansas State University Budget Office provides university-wide services in support of campus budgetary activities. The Budget Office is committed to being a high-quality service provider that is responsive to meeting the continuously changing needs of the University and external agencies.

The Budget Office provides timely and accurate professional services for the preparation of all external budget requests for funding, maximizing the funding requested while staying within applicable guidelines, procedures, policies and political sensibilities. We provide a wide range of pertinent information for University budgetary units and for external agencies in support of decision-making processes at all levels. Services for training, coordination, planning, process improvement, problem resolution and status-tracking are provided by the Budget Office so that each budgetary unit is better able to be responsive to the needs of the University.

Select Responsibilities

Preparing budget request documents


The Budget Office is responsible for preparing the budget request documents for all of K-State's subagencies including Main Campus, Veterinary Medical Center and Extension Systems and Agriculture Research Programs (ESARP). These documents are prepared in September prior to the beginning of the fiscal year beginning in July. The documents are submitted to the Division of Budget, which are the basis for the Governor's recommendations. The block grant funding model allows for the Board of Regents to request new funding for the system in their budget requests.


Preparing operating budgets


Preparing the operating budgets for all of K-State's budgetary units is another responsibility of the Budget Office. The annual operating budget is prepared at the beginning of each fiscal year and distributed to internal departments and the appropriate external customers. The Budget Office is also responsible for preparing the City/University Capital Improvement Program Request to the City of Manhattan each calendar year.


Coordination with Governmental Affairs


The Budget Office works in close coordination with the Assistant to the President for Governmental Affairs in tracking and reporting all relevant legislation affecting K-State during the legislative session. The Budget Office serves as liaison between K-State and the analysts from the Division of Budget and the Legislative Research Department.


Ad hoc requests


Ad-hoc data requests from internal and external sources are handled by the Budget Office. These requests involve salary or expenditure information. The Budget Office prepares the Peer Data Comparison Study including data collection. The Budget Office also assists the Planning and Analysis Office in preparing salary analysis reports and other requests.