January: Governor releases his/her budget recommendations for the next fiscal year. The recommendations then proceed into the legislative deliberative process for the next four months, with appropriation legislation eventually passing through both houses of the Legislature near the end of April or the first of May.

February: Submit special Capital Improvement Program (CIP) request to the City of Manhattan to access funds generated by city sales tax on campus sales. This request process is a result of the annexation of the Manhattan campus in July 1994. Prepare a one and six-year request for the City. (In February 2011, submitting for CY 2012 with plans for CY 2013 - CY 2014)

April: Submit capital improvement request to the Board of Regents for approval.

May: Once final appropriations are known, funding allocations are made to each major budgetary unit. At this time, each dean and director makes final salary decisions and decides how funding is to be allocated among each of his/her areas.

June: Budget information is received from colleges and non-academic areas and final budget information is compiled by Budget Office staff.

June: The Board of Regents approves tuition rates for the following fall.

July: Annual Budget Document is completed and loaded into the university's accounting system.

July: The Board of Regents submits the approved capital improvement request to the Kansas Division of Budget for one fiscal year out plus a four year plan. (In July 2011 submitting for FY 2013 plus plans for FY 2014-2017).

August: Annual budget document is printed and distributed.

September: Submit Budget Request Document for each subagency to Kansas Division of the Budget for one fiscal year out. Incorporate request guidelines and approvals adopted by the Kansas Board of Regents in June. (In September 2011, submitting for FY 2013)

September: The Board of Regents develops and approves the operating budget request for the block grant for two fiscal years out. (In September 2011, submitting for FY 2013)

November: Division of the Budget releases the first appropriation recommendations for the following fiscal year. These recommendations provide a sense of policy direction the Governor will follow in his/her budget recommendations released in January. University will appeal the recommendations based on guidelines received by the Board of Regents.